Eero Wi-Fi 6 On The Way!

Thanks to the FCC and a source, we now know new Wi-Fi 6 eero devices are about to hit the market. The 802.11ax “eero 6” comes three flavors:

eero Pro 6

  • Tri-band (as seen in original Pro)
  • Two RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • BLE and 802.15.4
  • Model K010001

eero 6 gateway

  • Dual-band
  • Two RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • BLE and 802.15.4
  • Model N010001

eero 6 extender

  • Dual-band
  • No RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • Model Q010001

The eero Pro 6 (product packaging above) continues the line’s aesthetic, merging elements of the original eero design and footprint with the the lower-end cupcake’s sloped top surface. Based on the joint filing and FCC regulatory photo, the eero 6 hub and access point could share the same enclosure (goodbye Beacon form factor?)… but we only have one bottom view to go on – and this bottom differs from the Pro.

Beyond supporting standards like WPA3 and being backwards compatible with WiFi 5 devices, signs suggest not only does the eero 6 interoperate with various models in the line, but will also coexist with prior eero hardware. But an open question surrounds the RF radio found within the eero 6 gateway and eero Pro 6. Second gen eero hardware supports Thread, currently of limited value, yet the paperwork they submitted to the FCC specifically lists “Zigbee”. Sadly, I have doubts straight-up Zigbee support will be provided to us for lightbulb linkage, and the like, as with Echo Plus. Instead, I suspect they’ll be leaving things as-is while waiting to see if the Project Connected Home over IP alliance bears fruit… in which case the 802.15.4 could be repurposed, along with resident BLE, for broad smart home connectivity. In the interim, the eero 6 line will remain an Apple HomeKit-capable platform with an Alexa Skill and ability to share wireless network details among Amazon devices, to boot.

16 thoughts on “Eero Wi-Fi 6 On The Way!”

  1. I don’t like the lack of Ethernet ports for the satellite unit. Wondering what the Internet port speed is for this, as the last generation was ‘best for up to 350 Mbps’.

  2. Dropping ethernet ports on the satellite units is the worst idea; I hate it. On all the Mesh Systems that drop the ethernet ports, I tell people to stay away. I realize that most people don’t use them, but some do, and I do. I will stick to WiFi brands that leave the ethernet bridge option in place.

  3. Robert, I assume you’ll be able to mix and match hardware as with existing eeros. For example, instead of a Pro and Beacons I run multiple Pros. (Was three, but dropped down to two.) I also appreciate and utilize satellite Ethernet, for things like the HDHomeRun.

  4. Existing Gen 2 Eero Pro’s (not sure about the cupcakes) have had thread radios that never could be used for anything. Tech support pointed back to a list of certified thread devices that only had a vague vaporware statement that was useless.

  5. My laser printer works great- it is 10 years old but remains a solid workhorse. But it needs to be hardwired to a wi fi satellite to enable remote printing.
    No RJ 45 jack? A horrible idea.

  6. I would recommend to stay a hell away from anything named eero my internet provider provide me with there garbage and they were calling it an upgrade lying through their teeth wow they screwed me over quite a bit.

  7. @Gamer I added a 5 node Eero mesh when I got ATT fiber. I’m sharing my 1000Mbs fiber with 2 neighbors using the Eero wifi mesh. I got the wifi mesh to go all the way back to the barn behind the house. It works great, I feel like I’m living in the future. I can hit 350Mbs on my Macbook Pro over wifi to the gateway Eero. It’s only 40Mbs out to the barn but that’s several Eero hops. Zoom calls from the barn are still solid though.

  8. As far as I know, there’s just a single setting to share the WiFi network in the Amazon cloud for Amazon devices. I’ve owned original eeros and second-gen hardware, currently running two Pros (with Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup disabled).

    To answer a question I’ve seen on reddit and Twitter: Ethernet maxes out at gigabit. Not a problem for me, but sorry to those who need it!

  9. Query: Will I be able to use a 6 Pro base unit with older model (wifi 5) extenders or will I have to re-buy all the pieces?

  10. What’s with this wave of Wifi 6 products being introduced now with 6E routers starting to ship the December? It seems counter-productive unless these Wifi 6 routers are software upgradable to 6E which I doubt.

  11. Why isn’t this WiFi 6e? I initially bought the Orbi, but the USB port was only for printers. Not attached storage. I went with the MX10 Velop system. Tons of ports. And the speed is amazing.

  12. I believe 6e wasn’t approved until the spring and products like these are under development at least a year — i heard whispers of it even further back and I’m sure the design was locked in long ago. Most manufacturers probably find themselves in a similar dilemma – they don’t want to blow up a product and miss the market for many months. Folks who can wait another year, maybe they should. Hard to say.

  13. Releases in early November, and available for preorder now. I’ll watch for reviews, but looks promising.

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