Wyze Enlists Former Dolby Engineers For Upcoming Headphones

From the outside looking in, Wyze certainly appears unfocused — not quite sure what they want to be when they grow up. However, product management by chaos theory is great fodder for blogging. As such, Wyze is moving beyond home automation and health gadgetry into… headsets?!

Originally leaked on Twitter back in April, via a ‘Headphones UX’ meeting invite between Wyze employees Kim Jin and Austin Byrd, the Wyze email newsletter has now made it official:

Wyze Headphones with Active Noise Canceling (surprise!)

We don’t have a ton to share about this now, but we’ll just go ahead and confirm the rumor floating around the Wyze communities. Wyze headphones are in the works with a team of ex-Dolby engineers. The product is moving very quickly, already in alpha testing and looking really good.

Pre-orders are expected to begin in late September. But, irrespective of the team’s audio bonafides, given Wyze’s relentless downward pricing, there’s no way they’ll compete with the upcoming Sonos headphones, but it sure has been fascinating watching these guys take on every single product category. Can’t wait for my Wyze air fryer!

(Originally posted 9/02. Post updated 9/22 with new imagery and pre-order timing.)