Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!

We knew it was in the works. And now we have production imagery of the upcoming Wyze Doorbell. Of course, Wyze’s most notable “feature” has been its budget pricing — which they generally hit by reskinning existing hardware as their own. As such, I suspect the new Wyze Doorbell could riff off a somewhat similar-looking Xiaomi manufacturer model with AI person detection and hardwiring customization.

Like most of their gear, the Wyze Doorbell isn’t much to look at (even in their brick-walled promo), but the company will kindly bundle a wedge kit and an external chime… as the hardwired doorbell is unlikely to use your existing mechanical chime.

Beyond a doorbell, the startup is previewing the Wyze Outdoor Cam and smart thermostat in this fundraising video, with references to 30 products under development.

7 thoughts on “Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!”

  1. I am guessing the 69.99 but whatever it is, I would bet the All-new Ring will match the price on “Prime Day” / Black Friday.

  2. I just need to know the video specs. Every frame matters if you’re trying to ID someone.

  3. 1080/30. But there’s more to video quality than those numbers. They’re working on face detection AI, so it must be good enough for many scenarios. We’ll see if that feature makes the cut.

  4. The xiaomi version is only $56 besides that, the door bell is clearly wired to work with your existing mechanical chime which was a big must in the road map wishlist. The battery life on the xiaomi is 60 days before it needs to be charged. Now if only they can have the video from the door bell show up as a notification on the Wyze Band.

  5. How well will the Wyze Doorbell be able to deal with the rigors of the weather…rain, direct sunligtht and the cold? What type of testing has been done thus far?

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