Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!

We knew it was in the works. And now we have production imagery of the upcoming Wyze Doorbell. Of course, Wyze’s most notable “feature” has been its budget pricing — which they generally hit by reskinning existing hardware as their own. As such, I suspect the new Wyze Doorbell could riff off a somewhat similar-looking Xiaomi manufacturer model with AI person detection and hardwiring customization.

Like most of their gear, the Wyze Doorbell isn’t much to look at (even in their brick-walled promo), but the company will kindly bundle a wedge kit and an external chime… as the hardwired doorbell is unlikely to use your existing mechanical chime.

Beyond a doorbell, the startup is previewing the Wyze Outdoor Cam and smart thermostat in this fundraising video, with references to 30 products under development.

16 thoughts on “Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!”

  1. I am guessing the 69.99 but whatever it is, I would bet the All-new Ring will match the price on “Prime Day” / Black Friday.

  2. I just need to know the video specs. Every frame matters if you’re trying to ID someone.

  3. 1080/30. But there’s more to video quality than those numbers. They’re working on face detection AI, so it must be good enough for many scenarios. We’ll see if that feature makes the cut.

  4. The xiaomi version is only $56 besides that, the door bell is clearly wired to work with your existing mechanical chime which was a big must in the road map wishlist. The battery life on the xiaomi is 60 days before it needs to be charged. Now if only they can have the video from the door bell show up as a notification on the Wyze Band.

  5. How well will the Wyze Doorbell be able to deal with the rigors of the weather…rain, direct sunligtht and the cold? What type of testing has been done thus far?

  6. Wow this is great news! I hate paying for my Nest or Ring annual fees! There shouldn’t be a fee. What worries me is I do not see any micro sd card slot!!! I hope they are not thinking to move to the cloud like the others.

  7. The outdoor camera seems like a lock for 6/23. Doorbell could make an appearance too. Sounds like they continue to revise hardware and software approach. We shall see.

  8. Wyze Does Not Riff Off Xiaomi
    The Original WYZE Cam is Actually Made by Xiaomi, And Sold to WYZE With FULL KNOWLEDGE and CONSENT to Resell it as a MODIFIED Product Without the Xiaomi Software or Branding.
    The Only Difference is that WYZE Uses their Own Custom Software;
    WYZE has NEVER Hidden this Fact, and Originally when the Company 1st Started they were Quite Open about it on there Website and Video Presentations.

    A for NEW Hardware They May Have Contracted Xiaomi to manufacture for them or Going with Another Manufacturer;
    Wyze Does NOT Manufacture the Products themselves, they are a U.S. Based Company.

    Unlike the Original WYZE Cam there New Products have been Designed from Scratch in House.

    If there are any Similarities in Design to Another Companies Product, I Suggest you Keep in Mind that Most Products {at least start off} Copying there Predecessors to one Degree or Another. {My Opinion}

    If your Using a HARDWARE Concept {in other words} Not Even at the Beta Stage Yet, More than Likely the Easiest Way to Start Is by Actually Modifying an Existing Product {Like i have Done with my Own Tinkering} Before Creating Your Own Unique Item.
    Te Hardware Stage {Internals and Software} Is What They Will with Start 1st Long Before They Will Decide the What the End Product Will Look Like.

    Even if they Already have a Finished Design in mind they can’t easily modify the internals until After Through Testing is Completed.

    Keep in Mind that WYZE CAM was NEVER Intended to Be the BEST of the BEST in Terms of Hardware or Overall Features.

    There Intention was to Get a VERY GOOD Performing and Easy to Use Product Can be Easily Implemented out there for a Ridiculously Low Price with the Goal of Reaching the Masses that were Either Unwilling or Unable to make the Investment in the Cameras that was Available at the Time, as well as Make it Easy to Use for those that are a Bit Scared of Technology {Yes Know Several People that are Technophobes}.

    Ike Hazan {Not Affiliated with WYZE Company}
    Just a Very Early Adopter.

  9. Ike, from what I can tell (and what I know) much of their product line is not designed in-house. They may request changes of the manufacturer (Hualai and others), but most of it is derivative. The new scale and new band are nearly completely regurgitated as far as I can tell, for example. As are other things in their pipeline that I’ve been briefed on.

    This is not unusual – lots of companies outsource design and engineering or rebrand existing products to manage expenses, like the Branch office chair I just bought: it’s pitched as this unique, ergonomic design, tailored for startups. But the packaging identified its true origins as just another white label import (that I could have gotten direct for 1/4th the price through Alibaba). But this approach also has a number of drawbacks – for example, Wyze ended up with three different wireless bridges (outdoor cam, smart lock, sensor kit) vs a unified gateway. The technophobes you mention may not like or understand that.

    Another way relying on others can bite them (and customers like us) in the ass is when they lose access to a licensed technology, like person detection – which was a major selling point before being abruptly removed. Either they signed the worst contract in the world or were bought off with a large sum of cash to be released early. And now superior on-device detection has been replaced by lesser, cloud-based detection with a gap in service.

    For what it’s worth, they also seem to have run into shipping issues on their core technological products by getting sidetracked reselling much higher margin face masks (that they also did not design). It was a bizarre pivot and may be indicative of a lack of focus.

    PS I’ve been informed that for clarity of operation (and less ugliness;) there will be a visual border around the bell icon on the doorbell when it ships – as shown in the app iconography above. Folks were mistaking the lens as the doorbell button.

  10. Ah, now I understand why there are different bridges. I really wish it was a bit more streamlined ’cause now I’ve got to find a place for the ut-door cam bridge with my router ETC. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for an affordable setup.

  11. Let me know where this Wyze Doorbell Cam can be purchased.
    I heard there is going to be 2 models. 1 battery operated and 1 hardwire.
    I want the hard wired…

  12. Wouldn’t ever give ring another red cent after them charging me after I sold my ring doorbell. There are so many better options out there! Would take a wyze doorbell any day over ring!

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