Wyze Outdoor Camera Nears Release

By way of the FCC, leaked packaging, and app assets we get our first good looks at the upcoming Wyze Outdoor Cam. And, as I previously disclosed, it will indeed require a (tiny) bridge. On a positive note, possibly related to the camera’s long gestation period, it appears the outdoor camera will indeed be battery powered – the video camera appears easily removed from a magnetic mount for periodic USB charging.

As with the standard Wyze Cam, the Outdoor model sports a microSD slot for optional local storage – although continuous recording is unlikely given its battery. Of course, the most interesting details of timing, price, video resolution, HomeKit compatibility, etc aren’t typically captured in these regulatory filings and leaks, so we’ll just have to wait on Wyze to spill the beans… on June 23rd.

18 thoughts on “Wyze Outdoor Camera Nears Release”

  1. Any word on storage costs. Arlo is quickly going to have 11 more cameras on eBay if these are any good.

  2. Their indoor cams provide 2 weeks of free storage, however the clips are only 12s in length. There is an upsell plan which I could see it tweaked for outdoor. I’ve been partial to Ring – $10/mo for unlimited cams and security monitoring.

  3. I was hoping they’d go the way Logitech did with the Circle 2, just make the successor waterproof. I hope the video is much better but I guess we’ll find out.

  4. Yeah, right. Like I’m going to climb up on the roof every time I need to charge the camera? Uh, I don’t think so.

  5. Issues with taking the present “inside only” unit outside:

    1. Power: the internal, rechargeable battery is a good start. Solar would be a good thing.
    2. Weatherproofing: existing units aren’t supposed to be used outside below freezing. That could be a problem for outside units. There are already ways of making the internal units more external friendly.
    3. Night vision: the existing night vision IR attracts bugs.

  6. I’ve been using the indoor cams outdoors for this past winter with no issues.
    The idea of outdoor cams is great. I’ve already run cabling to run the indoor cams outside so I can just swap them out and have continuous recording.

  7. I have two Wyze Cam Pan with a silicon sleeve from Amazon that I used for outdoors on the side & back of my house for almost two years with no problem. I messed up this weekend and washed my house with the bleach solution you attach your hose then wash & rinse. Yes they both died; one immediately and one overnight.
    I like the Pan capability with tracking so an outdoor version would be great. I also have several Ring Cams for years but mine of them Pan.

  8. Has anyone set up the Wyze cam2 outdoors in New England during the winter? Did it hold up to freezing temps?

  9. I’ve have 2 wyze cam v2 in Ontario Canada. Surviving 2yrs so far under my soffit. -35C winter temps.

  10. Needs a small bridge? I hope its not the same bride used for the sensors because I have that and that bride is the worst. The range is soooooooo short I cant use it in my one story 1600 squareft house? Not even close to reaching more than two rooms away. Lets hope this is a new and improved bridge.

  11. Yeah, I haven’t had good luck with with Wyze Sense range. This is a different, dedicated bridge, that might require a full-time Ethernet connection, and is not compatible with Sense.

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