TiVo Contemplates Premium Channels For Cord Cutters

TechHive held quite the conversation with TiVo at CES. And one of the most promising revelations was TiVo contemplating a service similar to HDHomeRun Premium, to commingle streaming “cable” channels alongside OTA antenna television. Essentially, cable content without the cable company. But unlike, say, a walled garden Sling TV app, TiVo would would merge these … Read more

TiVo GameSkip Returns For Super Bowl LIII

TiVo’s 2018 “Game Skip” experiment appears to have been so successful that the DVR pioneer will once again invert their commercial skip functionality to spotlight Super Bowl ads. As described last year: Everyone knows that [the Super Bowl] commercials are some of the best, highest quality commercials of the year. So, we’re going to tag the … Read more

Prepare For “TiVo Enhanced” Products & Services

TiVo has submitted a number trademark filings for a “TiVo Enhanced” logo and verbiage… seemingly covering just about everything the company currently offers. One example: Subscription television broadcasting services; transmission of cable television and interactive delivery of audio and video over digital networks; cable television transmission of personalized and interactive television programming; Transmission of network … Read more

Hulu To Resurrect TiVo Pause Screen Advertising

Variety reports that streaming service Hulu intends to implement pause screen advertising beginning next year. This isn’t an entirely new development, since TiVo pioneered that “feature” way back in 2009. Given Hulu’s least expensive tier already runs traditional commercials, this appears to be both an additive disruption for users and revenue stream for the company. As … Read more

When technology fails you…

My wife wanted to get something off her chest today. Every mom dreads when the babysitter cancels. Or in modern day cases, when the digital “babysitter” suddenly malfunctions at the worst possible time. How many of us need to jump into the shower, or similar, and rely on the DVR or tablet to occupy our … Read more

TiVo Takes A Page From Apple; Launches Trade-in Program

In a first for TiVo, the DVR pioneer is testing a familiar-looking upgrade program. Apple recently offered me $250 for my iPhone 7 in the form of credit off the purchase price of a new iPhone XR. My old phone will be refurbished or responsibly recycled and I get a nice discount on a significant … Read more

TiVo Releases New DVR

With little fanfare, TiVo just introduced a new 6-tuner, 1TB Bolt DVR to the consumer market. And, as with the existing 6-tuner, 3TB model, this $300 unit is designed solely for cable customers… who are dissatisfied with their provider’s hardware options, in terms of pricing or functionality. Like other recent TiVo Bolt additions, this one comes bundled … Read more