TiVo Stream 4K Hits All-time $29 Low

Originally targeted at $70, the TiVo Stream 4K has consistently run $40-50 since release 13 months ago. And now the Android TV streamer, with all its content aggregation aspirations, has hit an all-time low of $29. At the former $50 MSRP, I’d probably advise just going 1st party with Chromecast for Google TV. However, if you’re looking for a budget streamer, with a few unique tricks (or are a Channels DVR user), a $30 TiVo Stream is not a bad deal at all.

But then we turn to ‘why’ … and there are a number of intriguing possibilities. First, given the TiVo sales guy’s conniption earlier today, I say no this does not foreshadow the end of retail sales. Yet they’re clearly reducing inventory. And there are various reasons to do that… could be as simple as manufacturing outpaced projected sales and they’re seeking some sort of equilibrium. But, with a new retail partner in the pipeline, that may not be it either. Also, current packaging vs launch packaging does feature the new TiVo guy. So, if on-product too, maybe not visual either.

All of which brings me back to the new pair of remotes — both a base or lower-end model, which likely costs them less than the original UEI remote, and a new higher-end remote with a remote finder, IR learning capabilities, and backlit keypad with associated ambient light sensor and accelerometer. Could new Stream dongle bundles be on the way, with or without new hardware, like a TiVo Stream HD?

Promo pricing runs through June 29th… or while supplies last.

15 thoughts on “TiVo Stream 4K Hits All-time $29 Low”

  1. The new remotes could be for retail, could be for cableco IPTV, or both…

    Also, while TiVo.com is selling the Stream 4k for $29.99, Walmart (linked in article) has it at $29 flat.

    Has anyone purchased a Stream lately? Wondering if the embossed TiVo guy and remote home is old (like mine) or new (as shown in their promo imagery above). Again, wondering what’s triggered the fire sale pricing. Maybe they worked a deal for an Apple TV remote button like Roku. 😂 Or maybe willing to lose a bit of money to grow footprint (as they battle for attention amongst several low cost options). Or it just may be time for a new dongle – on paper, Walmart’s new onn Android TV 4K streamer out performs TiVo. Tho there’s much more to the experience than benchmarks.

  2. Why stop at the Stream 4K at $30? When I went to tivo.com just now, I received a further 15%-off offer (in exchange for agreeing to receive the TiVo newsletter and marketing communications), getting the Stream 4K down to $25.50.

    A fire sale? A new version coming? TiVo/Xperi attempting to sell off the inventory and exit the field? None of which would surprise me at this point, for this sadly mismanaged and internally maligned division . . . . :(

  3. Man, that’s crazy low. Like definitely losing money low. Free shipping? If so, will add an update to post in the AM. (Update – looks like $5 shipping for me. Hm.)

  4. @Dave Z.: Nope/yep (lol), TiVo is charging $4.99 for standard shipping. Still cheaper than Walmart, unless you spend money on gas and pick up in a local Walmart store, or have a Walmart+ subscription providing free shipping (or place your order with a Walmart+ subscription 15-day free trial . . .), or pad your purchase to $35 to get free shipping from Walmart . . . . ;)

    By the way, as reader/poster Michael posted in another blog column here, TIVO15 for the 15% off. :) (Hope that’s ok to repeat here; if not, please edit it out–people can get the code by signing up for TiVo’s newsletter and marketing materials, at tivo.com.)

  5. I hold too much distrust in Tivo to give them anymore money. Youtube TV app is still broken, 3 months and counting… So hold out if that’s your cord-cutting plan.

  6. I’ve been using this for a month now, picture quality is top notch, I prefer this over the “Fire Cube” hands down !

  7. Beware, it is broken with YouTube TV ! They have refused to fix it. I have two that I will sell you cheap! I have replaced them both with Fire Sticks , they work well with YouTube TV.

  8. What about the HDR issues. I got a couple of TiVo Stream 4K units at launch last year. But returned them before my return period was up. Because of the borked HDR.

    At $29 I might get one from Amazon. Since I have a $10 credit I can use for an Amazon sold device. Which the TS4K is.

    Although I already have at least two of every major streaming device. So I’m not sure if it’s in my best interest to pick up a STream 4K now.

  9. @Brian Baker: Cool beans–thanks for the alert! Great for people with Amazon.com gift cards around . . . . :)

  10. Yea I’m going to have to say that the TiVo stream 4k isn’t the greatest product. I’ve had mine now for about a year and don’t get me wrong, I love the whole setup of the product. They make it literally similar to having cable by providing a free tv guide with some decent channels. But the problem comes in when it comes to the remote. My remote just out of nowhere stopped working, and there aren’t really any compatible universal remotes to replace it like the Amazon Fire tv has. So that leaves me with the only option which is to buy a whole new one which I am not doing. I don’t know what’s the problem with there remotes, but they are definitely bad quality. Which that may be the reason that they are trying to just remove them from the market altogether.

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