TiVo Chooses A New Hero

As TiVo and Comcast bury the patent hatchet, a new hero has emerged.

The company’s iconic animated “TiVo Guy” had been sidelined in 2015 and replaced by a modernized, but lifeless silhouette. Yet, as the Xperi continues to crank away on the Android TV-powered TiVo Stream 4K, this week’s software update introduces their new champion. Perhaps looking more alien astronaut than outmoded 90s era television with rabbit ears, the fun new TiVo Guy might benefit from some eyedrops given all that blinking during app launch and while perusing the guide. However, I for one, can get behind tech with a bit of personality.

(Thanks for the heads up Daren!)

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  1. Right TiVo never confirmed that however it seems crazy they would not allow this. I purchased a Tivo Stream in May 2020 hoping they might implement the ability to watch my TiVo DVR content someday. Now I tossed my TiVo Stream in the garage tv and now use the new Google chromecast with google tv in my living room. Much smoother experience with less issues. Perhaps if TiVo let me watch my recordings on the Stream I would use it regularly and live with the few issues. People have a right to complain about this.

  2. I asked tivo support about viewing recordings on a tivo stream and was told it was not a planned feature since it was a different kind of device. I pointed out is is essentially an android device which uses the tv as its screen and they said ‘good point’, but I still wouldn’t hold my breath. I did point out that this feature would be the only reason I would actually buy a tivo stream.

  3. At this point TiVo should sell itself to Comcast at least. There’s no way with the current years of mismanagement of the brand and products that anyone can take this company seriously as a contender for quality equipment. Sad to see TiVo go but this is worse than watching a train wreck.

  4. TiVo personnel has repeatedly stated, in various forums, that the Stream will not be a DVR endpoint. Which is unfortunate. Here’s some coverage:


    Of course, they could change their mind down the road and I don’t think it’d take much to reuse tech they’ve already built. But I know they’ve got a whole lotta things planned for the Stream that clearly take priority.

  5. I understand that but fact is they already have a functioning Android app, and as I already mentioned Tivo Stream is essentially an Android device which uses the TV as its screen so this doesn’t seem like a heavy lift at all, and may lead to a lot of new stream sales.

  6. TiVo needs to integrate some sort of networked, local DVR for OTA channels into the Stream (presumably their own). Seamlessly integrate those channels with Sling TV and you’ve solved the local networks problem with free OTA. TiVo wins the streamer wars if they get that right. Any rumors they are working on that?

  7. And no, the Sling AirTv 2 did not get that right…that DVR is missing too many features. TiVo knows how to make an OTA DVR. Big opportunity for them to leverage what they already have and create the most compelling cord cutter solution on the market.

  8. I don’t know if this TIVO problem relates,. but I have 2 OTA/DVR Roamio’s connected to the Internet. TIVO allows me to connect to most all all apps EXCEPT Pluto. Both units try to connect Pluto, but neither can even get to the homepage. TIVO’s tech support called (at least) two times, but nothing ever results in being able to connect to Pluto, (plus they never give me satisfactory answer(s) why not.

  9. They never said you could. But it would be convenient. I’m sure they don’t want to cut into their TiVo mini business so it will never happen.

  10. It took way to long to fix the antenna signal strength meter to find channels and you can’t go from one channel to the without doing each channel separately.

  11. If Tivo provides an OTT app for their legacy DVRs they will lose sales on the expensive Mini Lux and wifi adapter. Their Cable partner customers would cut back to the base TV and internet package.

  12. No, Tivo didn’t say you could use the Stream to watch shows on your Tivo boxes, but a Tivo survey I took recently asked if that would be a capability that I wanted. I said yes, of course. Why pay $150+ for a Tivo Mini if I could get streaming AND Tivo watching in one device for $50. (I have three Tivo DVRs, three Minis, and two Streams.)

    Of course, I also answered (in a previous survey) that I wanted the ability to transfer shows back in the Tivo Experience, and they still haven’t brought that back. (Transferring and starting to watch seems more reliable than remote watching in my experience.)

    And they’re still showing super annoying pre-roll ads that I always skip despite my complaint that I’m paying for their service already, so I don’t want ads. I even pointed out the irony of allowing me to skip commercials while forcing new ads on me.

  13. I think the Tivo retail dvr business model is stagnant and reaching an end of life scenario in a few years (in my opinion). My two lifetime service Tivo Roamios were given to my sisters who still have cable subscriptions and they like them. They used to have a cable box at each television. Now they have Tivo Minis. I was considering getting the latest models until I heard about them putting ads on recordings (a big deal breaker) and that they will probable never let you watch recordings through the Tivo Stream. I’m not complaining because there are other options that fit better with what I want anyway (Channels dvr, HD Homerun, Plex or even YouTube TV).

  14. Why do people keep bitching about pre-roll ads? Don’t you realize you can ask tivo to remove them? I did it in a 5 minute chat from their website. They first tell you that you can skip them, and I just told them I still don’t want them… and done- they will remove them. Takes about a week for it to process. I did this with my parents and my setup as soon as they started.

  15. Obviously some of us didn’t know that you can ask Tivo to remove pre-roll ads. Even though your comment was pretty condescending, I’ll still thank you for the tip.

  16. Well, it’s not quite that cut and dry. Some of have lost that flag after software update and had to call back in. Some seemed to have called in without being granted the waiver. Most important, for me anyway, is the executive who made this happen seems to have been forced out of the company. Without a champion, who knows how long those in the know can continue opting out. Also, it’s just generally offensive goal post moving to promote ad skipping but then force ads upon existing customers.

    Anyhow, back on topic, I got a TiVo Stream survey on Saturday I think with at least two references to extender capabilities… so maybe they’re freeing up some time to fire up their heavily invested legacy DVR base. I moved on to Channels DVR back in January, but I’d quite likely dust off my Roamio Pro/Plus to take part.

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