The Best Streaming Hardware Deals

Ah, the very best of manufactured consumer holidays is upon us with Prime Day… resulting in multiple days of deals, from all sorts of retailers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep up with many of the Amazon promos given limited windows and inventory. And, while there’s a ton of discounted gear out there, we’re discerning customers and I’m only going to present the best of the best. So, with those caveats behind us, here is some discounted streaming hardware that I would actually recommend year-round.

Roku Express 4K+ | $30 | 25% Off

This is Roku’s latest box, released in 2021, and is the best bang for your buck on this platform … assuming you can do without Ethernet and Dolby Vision. Beyond that, the new Roku Express 4k+ really checks all the marks. And I picked one up.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K | $25 | 50% Off

While the Fire Stick 4K was released in 2018, it still holds its own with still sprightly performance and television-control remote. In fact, it accompanied me on half a dozen AirBnB stays during the pandemic. And like all Amazon devices, it ties deep into their ecosystem. Bonus: three free months of Hulu|ESPN+|Disney+.

Apple TV 4K 32GB | $99 | 60% Off

Apple hardware isn’t subsidized to the same degree as Roku and Amazon. Along with premium design flourishes, it will always run significantly more. Which makes this sub-$100 Apple TV notable. No, it’s not Apple’s latest hardware, but the experience is largely the same for day to day usage. And, in at least one area, it surpasses the new Apple TV … as my daughter uses the motion control remote for casual gaming, a feature dropped with the redesign.

TiVo Stream 4K | $30 | 25% Off

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive Android TV streamer, the TiVo Stream 4k is decent. They’ve had some issues with bugs and security over the last year, but performance outside of YouTube TV is fairly solid these days. The main draw for some will be the numeric keys on the remote … which comes in super handy with Channels DVR, along with the ability to remap the live and guide buttons.

NVIDIA SHIELD | $125 | 17% Off

If you want very nearly the best of what Android TV has to offer, the NVIDIA SHIELD is $25 off. I run the Pro version because I need the USB ports and additional memory to act as my Channels DVR server. But this model features the same Tegra X1+ processor, AI-powered 4K upscaling, Dolby Vision, and even Ethernet in its more compact form.

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