Roku Deals For Current Owners

While Prime Days may be behind us, Roku’s still running some compelling deals… for existing owners. And, via the Roku homescreen ‘Offers’ area, the streaming company is promoting a pair of deals for their solid, mid-tier devices. The recently released Roku Express 4K+ has a reasonable $40 MSRP, but has been seen as low $30 in … Read more

The Best Streaming Hardware Deals

Ah, the very best of manufactured consumer holidays is upon us with Prime Day… resulting in multiple days of deals, from all sorts of retailers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep up with many of the Amazon promos given limited windows and inventory. And, while there’s a ton of discounted gear out there, we’re discerning customers … Read more

The Roku Originals Have Arrived

Today is the day; Roku Originals have arrived. At launch, Roku Originals aren’t exactly “original” as they consist of 30 repurposed Quibi shows. You know, the bizarre mobile-first, short-form video service that sputtered out after just a few months, with many assets ultimately acquired by Roku. However, on the bigger screen (although Roku also does … Read more

Don’t Count On That Roku Apple TV+ Button

Roke Voice Remote Pro

So about that Roku Apple TV+ button: don’t bank on it arriving with your new remote. Roku’s primary business is advertising and, outside of Netflix’s presumed contractual requirements, the remaining button tie-ups (likely both cash and commission) seem quite variable – dependent upon region, bundled hardware model, timeframes and unit sales, etc. As such, our … Read more

Roku Seeds Rechargeable Remote

By way of reddit, we learn Roku has soft launched a new $30 ‘Roku Voice Remote Pro‘. Beyond the obvious “voice” recognition functionality, maybe now always listening for wake words, the new and notable feature here is Roku swapping out the copper top for a rechargeable battery –  non-removable and charged over micro-USB according to … Read more

Roku Greets Former Quibi Subscribers (with legalese)

Having acquired the rights to Quibi’s subscriber list (and most content), Roku has made first contact. With a suggestion users review their privacy policy, which was lasted updated in 2020. Hello, Quibi has recently become part of Roku. As a result, your account information will now be governed by the Roku Privacy Policy. Please familiarize … Read more

Roku Repackages Its Wireless Speakers for 2020

Amazon has just dropped the dime on a new pair of Roku wireless speakers. Dimensions remain the same, but there is at least one stylistic change in excising v1’s unsightly top dimple. Further. the streaming pioneer no longer bundles the funky table-top remote and highly redundant TV streamer remote. Based on the slight model number … Read more

Roku Implements Interactive TiVo-esque Advertising

By way of CordCuttersNews, we learn that Roku is now selling interactive advertising widgets against television commercials displayed on Roku televisions (shown above). What makes this somewhat different from TiVo’s historic approach (shown below), and unsettling to some, is that our Roku smart televisions are watching what’s on our screen (since at least 2017) vs … Read more