Pre-Prime Day Streaming Hardware Deals

In the best “bang for the buck” category, we’ve got a few solid streaming deals ahead of everyone’s second favorite shopping holiday.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – $35
A good buy at full price, the Max is a great value at 36% off and will see years of updates given its a power. While this serves those deep within the Amazon ecosystem best, it’s fairly agnostic and extensible. Heck, there’s even native web browsing (unlike Roku). Given its performance, I run the Fire TV Stick 4K Max in my den … paired with a full-size Echo (on sale for $60), for surprisingly full and satisfying sound.

Roku Express 4K+ – $25
Those on the other side of the streaming aisle or seeking a simpler presentation are well-served by this budget Roku box at 38% off. While the hardware may not be quite as capable as Amazon’s, Roku is doing some interesting stuff on the software side and includes access to a full slate of apps.

Fire TV Cube 2 – $60
As Amazon ushers in the the Fire TV Cube 3, the prior version is selling for 50% off. Which is an amazing deal for the second most powerful dedicated streamer currently available. The new version does up the ante, but at a pre-order price of $80 more.

Walmart Onn Android TV 4K – $20
Even at MSRP, this Onn box is the cheapest legit streamer of them all. Mu household personally struggles without a dedicated play/pause button, but if Android is your jam, I’d recommend going upmarket for the similarly powered and likely better supported Chromecast with Google TV (on sale for $40) and its more pleasing interface.

10 thoughts on “Pre-Prime Day Streaming Hardware Deals”

  1. Rich, for a fleeting moment. :)

    Kevin, except that time when TiVo broke MPEG-2 for a few months, then broke YouTube TV for a few months, and deferred some pretty significant security updates on more than one occasion. ;) Having said that, the remote has some benefits. Tho a dedicated play/pause button isn’t one of them.

  2. Or when it took TiVo over half a year to fix the HDR issue after launch. For the TiVo stream. I returned both of mine, for a full refund, before the thirty day return period was up. It was worthless with the forced HDR.

  3. If I already have a TV with Roku built in, and a FireTV device for every TV (including the one with Roku so I can use other apps, like Kodi) is there any advantage to getting a Chromecast as well?

  4. Im depressed that their is no device that emulates the tivo exp with show tracking on streaming
    Let alone also intergrate antena dvr with streaming episodes

    I just want that list exp i click a show watch it and delete it from the list
    When the next episode is avail it pops onto the list

    Why is this such a challenge

  5. You all make me think cable tv and TiVo are over. I use my TiVo equipment still and would miss it if FIOS stopped cable cards.

  6. Mark, they’re all trying but it’s a mish-mash of incompleteness. Netflix refusing to play ball doesn’t help.

    Shawn, if you’re happy and satisfied keep doing what you’re doing until you no longer can!

  7. I had to replace the 3tb with a 2tb last year. Couldn’t buy any 3tb drives anymore. The TiVo is becoming extinct.

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