Roku Deals For Current Owners

While Prime Days may be behind us, Roku’s still running some compelling deals… for existing owners. And, via the Roku homescreen ‘Offers’ area, the streaming company is promoting a pair of deals for their solid, mid-tier devices.

The recently released Roku Express 4K+ has a reasonable $40 MSRP, but has been seen as low $30 in recent weeks. Yet, for “VIPs” such as myself (ha), Roku will ship it direct for all of $25! The $50 Roku Streaming Stick+ Is also on sale, direct for $35. On paper these steamers are very similar — both quad core processing 4K HDR video, with voice control remotes. However, I’d suggest the 2021 Roku Express 4K+ over the 2019 Stick+, despite its possibly superior wireless range. Bonus: the Express 4K+ bundles a low profile HDMI cable, should you need it.

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  1. Thanks! The offer was also available by visiting and logging in with your Roku account. I picked up the Express 4K+ for $25 and and unlinked my ununsed Roku 1 XD|S from 2011…

  2. How does the Express 4K+ compare to a first-gen Ultra in terms of performance? I’m trying to figure out if it would be an upgrade for me.

  3. Yeah, it’s a hard comparison – in 2016 you had the best of the best. But things move rapidly. They both have quad core processors (and 1GB of memory), but I don’t know the relative feel of the particular MStar vs the Cortex/Realtek models. I can tell you, based on the Wiki details, the Express 4K+ does provide 4GB of app storage vs 1GB – although you give up microSD expansion (and Ethernet). The snappiest feel would be the current Ultra, with Roku’s highest end processor and the caching of several popular apps for faster launch.

  4. When it’s something like a cable box or a Roku, is there any downside to using these slim HDMI cables as opposed to the regular thick ones?

  5. I must say I was surprised by its slimness. But they promote it as “premium” and “high speed” so presumably it does what it needs to and wouldn’t require the shielding of an analog cable? I recently picked up a three-pack of these Monoprice cables and am using my Roku Express 4K+ with one (and an Apple TV and Mac Mini with the others):

  6. Ugh, yeah. Turns out mine is a 4660X, so not absolute first gen, but close to. I didn’t realize the Express didn’t have Ethernet, that kinda breaks the deal for me.

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