Don’t Count On That Roku Apple TV+ Button

So about that Roku Apple TV+ button: don’t bank on it arriving with your new remote.

Roku’s primary business is advertising and, outside of Netflix’s presumed contractual requirements, the remaining button tie-ups (likely both cash and commission) seem quite variable – dependent upon region, bundled hardware model, timeframes and unit sales, etc.

As such, our very own Adam Miarka just received his brand-spanking new Roku Voice Remote Pro (pictured above) without the Apple TV+ button that drove folks wild earlier this week and had led Adam (noted Apple fanboy) to make a purchase. Fortunately for him, Roku’s higher end remotes do include a pair of programmable personal shortcut buttons – so he can rectify the limitation, but without the logo he so desires, should he choose the keep the hardware.

In any event, the new remote appears to be the very same one seeded to select customers back in February at the very same $30 price point, incorporating a rechargeable battery and always listening voice control for the first time. Supposedly it’s compatible with all Roku televisions, including my older model that only shipped with a basic IR remote. And as soon as my new one arrives, I’ll let you know how that retrofit worked out.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Count On That Roku Apple TV+ Button”

  1. Chris Welch, of the Verge, has chimed in and notes Roku is “transitioning.” So now I wonder if Roku had closed a deal with Apple after remote production started and had a couple thousand with the old buttons they needed to unload and, thus, invented the curious ‘Early Access Program’ we saw in February. Anyway, my point has been made – buttons come, buttons go (but streaming is forever). Also pretty sure Roku is going to see some returns from disappointed customers like Adam, who’s already packed up his remote.

  2. This is a nice remote. Mine is also missing the Apple TV button. I bought it from the Roku store.

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