Squeezebox Updates: Local Radio and Amazon Shopping Cart

The Squeezebox I got for Christmas two years ago is the gift that keeps on giving. Logitech announced a firmware update earlier this week, and I finally got around to trying out the new features this morning. My favorite is a new link under the Internet Radio menu for local stations. Using my IP address, … Read more

The Slacker G2 Internet Radio Giveaway

Mari’s had her say (thumbs up), so the time has come to give away our Slacker G2 review unit ($200 MSRP). We’re both big fans of the Slacker web radio service, and Mari is also a satisfied owner of the first generation Slacker player. What separates Slacker Radio from say Pandora on the iPhone is … Read more

X’mas Lights in HD with the Flip MinoHD

I’ve been testing out the Flip MinoHD for a couple of weeks now, but I’m still not entirely ready to render a verdict. While the video quality is pretty darn good for the size and cost of the device, it’s not been enough to knock my socks off. Plus, I’m finding there are actually down … Read more

CE Surprises of Holiday 2009

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) hosted a webcast this afternoon with a recap on Black Friday CE spending. There was too much juicy data to report in one post, so for now I thought I’d relate some of the surprises from the holiday weekend. As far as overall spending is concerned, the consensus seems to … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals

Too lazy to roll out of bed at 4 AM on Black Friday? Luckily Cyber Monday is upon us, and lots of sites are offering free shipping for items on your holiday gadget wish list. Many of the discounts aren’t fabulous, but at least you don’t have to pay for door-to-door delivery. You can find … Read more

Hot Products at Sony Style on Black Friday

In a highly unscientific investigation, I stopped by my local Sony Style store yesterday to ask the customer reps about Black Friday sales. The rep I talked to initially suspected I was a mall employee, but once we got that case of mistaken identity out of the way, he was very willing to share details … Read more

Retrevo Offers CE Trends and Black Friday Tips

If your entire Black Friday strategy involves stopping by the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, you might want to check out Retrevo’s guide to Black Friday buying. Not only do the Retrevo folks follow consumer electronics obsessively, they track pricing, availability and demand – you know, all the important information that’s a pain to … Read more

Evaluating Slacker Premium

I’m a well-documented Slacker junkie, but it’s only recently that I’ve started testing Slacker’s premium service on my first gen player. The subscription cost is just high enough to make me squeamish, but a free trial can’t be ignored. And, in true Slacker form, I’m finding the latest update to my music experience addictive. A … Read more