X’mas Lights in HD with the Flip MinoHD

I’ve been testing out the Flip MinoHD for a couple of weeks now, but I’m still not entirely ready to render a verdict.

While the video quality is pretty darn good for the size and cost of the device, it’s not been enough to knock my socks off. Plus, I’m finding there are actually down sides to shooting in HD. The files are so large as to be unwieldy (although YouTube now accepts up to 1GB uploads), and oddly the freebie Windows Movie Maker app won’t accept the MPEG-4 format. On the good side, the audio on the MinoHD is an improvement over my current Flip Ultra, which goes very staticky with any finger rubbing on the front of the case.

To check out the difference in video, see the clip above from the MinoHD (click “watch in HD” if you visit YouTube), and the comparison clip from the Flip Ultra (click “watch in high quality”). But keep in mind that YouTube still compresses everything. The quality of the MinoHD clip was higher before upload.

Finally, if you’re set on getting a cheap HD camcorder, read Andy Ihnatko’s comparison of the Flip MinoHD versus the Kodak Zi6. He’s very thorough.

2 thoughts on “X’mas Lights in HD with the Flip MinoHD”

  1. The HD looks decent, especially given the challenging subject/conditions. The apparent slowdown at times concerns me – is that in the original or did upload/compression/conversion introduce that? Also looks like the lights are reflecting within the lens cover or something. Hm. (I’m still thinking it’s pronounced ‘minnow’ though I’ve never heard it spoken. ;) )

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