The Slacker G2 Internet Radio Giveaway

Mari’s had her say (thumbs up), so the time has come to give away our Slacker G2 review unit ($200 MSRP).

We’re both big fans of the Slacker web radio service, and Mari is also a satisfied owner of the first generation Slacker player. What separates Slacker Radio from say Pandora on the iPhone is their music licensing terms… While Pandora requires a persistent Internet connection for streaming, Slacker hardware periodically downloads (over WiFi) buckets of tracks from your queue of pre-selected “stations” – meaning, you can take Slacker on a plane with pre-loaded music. Slacker offer two service tiers, free and premium. Most would probably be content with the free service, although a paid subscription enables unlimited skipping and saving song favorites. Additionally, Slacker Radio provides all sorts of artist information which has been kinda fun. However, being a minimalist in search of further convergence, I’m personally holding out for a Slacker mobile client.

If the Slacker G2 sounds like something you’d enjoy, simply leave a comment saying you want in on this giveaway. One lucky US resident will be randomly selected as the winner in the next day or so.

104 thoughts on “The Slacker G2 Internet Radio Giveaway”

  1. I totally want in on this. I was just trying Slacker out on my Logitech Duet, and really like it. It’s just too bad the Duet isn’t up to snuff!

  2. Dave:

    Would love to have teh G@. By the way send me an email. I got the MSI Wind to work with the existing Wifi Card on OSX. Realtek released soem beta drivers on for MAC.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I hope all is well; I just wanted to stop by say hello and enter to win the Slacker G2 since I am big fan of your blog and Slacker.


  4. Hmm… I want in on this giveaway! I got one of Woot’s $50 G1s, and like it a lot, but smaller, better, faster… just like I used to be.

  5. Dave,
    I have ZERO idea what to give my 16 yr old for Christmas this year. I believe this would be a fantastic gift for a well deserved 16 yr old. He has maintained excellent grades and this would be a nice gift.
    And a Happy Holiday to you and yours Dave as well
    Ron P

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