Evaluating Slacker Premium

I’m a well-documented Slacker junkie, but it’s only recently that I’ve started testing Slacker’s premium service on my first gen player. The subscription cost is just high enough to make me squeamish, but a free trial can’t be ignored. And, in true Slacker form, I’m finding the latest update to my music experience addictive.

A Slacker premium subscription gives you two critical features: no limit on skipping songs, and the ability to save songs you add to your favorite list. Both features have significantly improved my treadmill workouts. For example, I (embarrassingly) love the Today’s Hits station when I’m running, but sometimes I get a string of slow songs. Not ideal, but it’s no problem when I can skip as many songs as I like.

The song-saving feature is even more appealing. Would I ever have thought to download Jay-Z’s mash-up with Linkin Park’s song “Numb”? Nope. And yet now it’s on my go-to playlist for when my run starts to falter.

At $9.99 a month ($8.33/mo for six months; $7.50/mo for twelve months), the Slacker premium service edges into the category of a monthly expense I’d like to live without. But on the other hand, if I were to spend money on any subscription music service, this would be it. I’ve never even been tempted by subscription music offerings before. Slacker keeps moving digital music in the right direction.

8 thoughts on “Evaluating Slacker Premium”

  1. I’ve had Slacker Premium for a few months now, and I do really like the benefits it provides. Unlimited skips is so nice. While I think the price might be a little on the high side, I don’t foresee myself going back any time soon.

    Now, if only their player had decent sound quality…

  2. Tim, which player do you have? Mari sent me the G2 loaner and I haven’t been impressed with the audio quality. Not sure if it’s the music, the player, or the headphones (though I did also try my Shures). Hmm.

  3. Mari, it could also be the few songs I listened to and I haven’t yet looked around for an equalizer. I do know I don’t like the G2 headphones – they look great and feel good, but they use the kind of wires you hear when you move and they rub.

  4. I LOVE Slacker, which might be a little strange because I’m obsessed with music and I know the service is billed for people that don’t want to deal with finding new stuff… The one thing that has kept me from paying for it is that I can’t listen on the go. I don’t mind this at work or home when I have a computer but if I’m going to pay for it I really want it in my car as well. If they had an iPhone app I would be all in. Dave any word on this? I’ve read about it here and there but nothing solid enough for me to make the jump.

  5. I agree. The problem is i can only listen to it at home. If i’m going to pay i want to listen to it anywhere. I love the free version although my account is always on hold.

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