Deal of the Day: Buffalo Tech NAS @ $40

It’s not the latest. Nor is it the greatest. But if you’re on the market for a budget NAS, $40 is hard to beat. (Shipping looks to run about $8 – $15.) This refurb Buffalo LinkStation Live incorporates a single 320GB drive and is supported by a 90 day warranty. Assuming the unit is similar … Read more

Netbooks – Race to the Bottom Not Such a Bad Thing

With the netbook craze in full swing, there is some fear that the new cheap portables will inspire a “race to the bottom” for laptop makers. In other words, manufacturers will get squeezed as consumers expect cheaper and cheaper computers available in retail or subsidized with mobile broadband contracts. So is this a bad thing? … Read more

I’m Dreaming of a Green CES

Last year was the year CES jumped on the green bandwagon, going over the top to promote new energy-saving initiatives and ways to offset the show’s massive carbon footprint. It was all a bit ridiculous given the numerous ways in which the CE industry and CES in particular are environmentally unfriendly. (You know, lots of … Read more

…And an iPod Touch or Three

Per usual, Christmas with my family was a CE lover’s dream. Among the gifts given and received: 1 Slacker G2 (to replace the one I had to give away) 1 Skooba checkpoint-friendly laptop bag 1 Asus Eee 1000HA (okay, I bought it for myself right before X’mas; it’s a tax write-off) 1 Logitech diNovo Edge … Read more

The Flip MinoHD Giveaway – Start ’09 in HD!

After weeks of playing with the Flip MinoHD, it’s time to give someone else a turn. The kind PR folks have agreed to let us give away our review unit to one lucky ZNF reader. My initial take on the MinoHD was that the difficulties of dealing with huge file sizes made the upgrade from … Read more

Drobo Recovers from Drive Crash as Promised

Data files on each of my web server, laptops, primary computer and iMac are regularly and automatically backed up to my networked Drobo. I also use the Drobo as a primary repository for 100’s of Gigabytes of centralized data – accessible from any device on my home office network, including my Apple TV, TiVo, PS3 … Read more

Are You Backing Up?

The holidays, and related precious photo opportunities, are upon us… so it’s time for a backup public service announcement. And, unfortunately, I have a feeling most non-geeks leave their data vulnerable to loss. The point was driven home recently, when I recovered the mother-in-law’s PC – containing thousands of irreplaceable photos, including a trip to … Read more

The ZNF GPS Holiday Gift Guide

For probably the third year in a row, most folks are coming to me not for television or media extender holiday suggestions, but looking for GPS gift-giving advice. Instead of repeatedly answering the question, and with the shopping window closing rapidly, I figured it’s time for a post. First off, I’d say avoid high end … Read more