ZNF Representin’ at CES

Following Dave by about 24 hours, I arrived in Vegas this afternoon after losing one connecting flight to a cancellation and then boarding another earlier flight in Phoenix for the final leg of the trip. Miraculously my checked luggage even made the transfer successfully, and now I’m here in time to see the hottest porn stars, er, gadgets on the strip. (Like days of old, the Adult Entertainment Expo is riding the coattails of CES.)

Even though it was up in the air whether all of my clothes would make it with me, I, of course, kept all of my gadgets close at hand throughout the travel experience. Pictured below are my new Asus Eee and Slacker G2. Both were perfect for the flight. The Asus maintained a charge most of the way and fit nicely on my tray table. Unlike Dave’s experience with the MSI Wind, I’m finding that my ever-so-dainty fingers do quite well with a netbook. And the Slacker kept me entertained with new tunes and plenty of charge to spare. Also in my bag on this trip are my trusty Sony Cybershot digital camera, the Flip Ultra, and my Zoom audio recorder – all veterans from last year’s show.

Tonight it’s off to get my badge holder and then to Digital Experience, which hopefully will be a step above last night’s Unveiled event. More to come.

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  1. Flying is so much fun. Any screaming kids on your flights? If you get a chance and see any cool PMPs with video and audio out (RCA) @ CES I’d appreciate it. Have fun.

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