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Technology Predictions for 2009
TeleNav is already an excellent application on many handset platforms and carriers. For a more “dedicated” experience, I have a feeling the continually delayed Garmin Nuvifone will be too little, too late, and too buggy. So I’m going on the record and stating Apple will either introduce a new iPhone GPS, or more likely, will offer true GPS turn-by-turn software/directions to iPhone 3G customers. For a fee. (And may continue to lock out third parties, though we’ll see…)

GeekTonic Media Gadget Predictions for 2009
One one hand, I can see BeyondTV going away. But I wonder if the enterprise solution can sustain them. If not, what else does Rakesh have cooking? He’s one sharp dude and he knows how to network. But the broader economic conditions suck. Maybe he’ll surprise you with BTV5 instead.

TV Networks won’t abandon local broadcasts. The national companies and local broadcasters have different, and sometimes conflicting, business models. It’s kinda analogous to car manufacturers and dealerships.

If I hadn’t been stuck on the road this week, I would have done a 2008 wrap up. Oh well! As far as predictions, I generally try to stay away from that. Though I have no problem disagreeing with others. I’m still hoping for an Apple digital camera – if not, how about an iPhone HD with (higher resolution) picture and video capabilities.

Video Innovations We’d Love to See at Macworld Expo
There’s no “check mate” unless an AppleTV tuner handles digital cable. It’d certainly be more compelling than the current ATV, but it’s not going to replace a cable- or satellite-capable set-top box. Which is where most of us get our television programming these days.

TiVo Desktop Has Serious Bugs
Yeah, TiVo Desktop is a bastard child. I paid my money but never use it. Maybe we’ll hear of some updates in Vegas this week, but who knows. Although I’d like to see ALL of the ‘web video’ stuff handled in ‘the cloud’, if not natively on the box. Regarding ‘business deals’, I don’t think there are any. I think it’s just cross-promotional handshake agreements.

Switch to Windows Home Server in 2009?
I agree the new HP Windows Home Server units are compelling. But I’m waiting until after CES (and Macworld)… Bet Drobo intros something new and who knows what Apple’s cooking up.

8 thoughts on “ZNF ‘Round The Web”

  1. Dave, Dave, Dave,

    The nuvifone is gonna rock. The comment link goes to my own 2009 predictions, re: GPS land, and includes the nuvifone and your old pals at Dash. Maybe I’ll see you at CES.

  2. Garmin’s never made a phone before… Even RIM, who’s been doing this awhile, had a hard time getting the Blackberry Bold certified on AT&T’s network. And competing on price with the iPhone is going to be very difficult. I’m sure it’ll be a fine GPS, I’m not so sure it’ll be a fine smartphone. We shall see. (I’ve seen the Nuvifone at a few events, though never got to handle it.)

    You planning on hitting CntrStg? Seems like it’ll be CES Blogger HQ this year and since I’m staying in the same building, I’ll be around. :)

  3. Yeah, I stopped using and uninstalled Tivo Desktop a while ago. All I used it for was looking at photos. Also remember that video that was going around about a possible TiVo interface update? Maybe?

  4. Tivo has a pretty good track record at announcing – nothing. Unless it’s a new menu item to crap internet content. Otherwise I’m praying someone will come out with a Tivo killer this year.

    Sorry Tivo, love ya, but the honeymoon was over in 2001 for me. It’s just that nobody offers anything better……

  5. Now if only all these sites were Intense Debate sites and you included the appropriate widget on your sidebar, you wouldn’t need a post like this. We could all follow Dave’s wisdom by following his Intense Debate comment trail! :)

  6. Wow, I (obviously) had no idea they’d made phones before. Wonder if they were any good.

    I’m departing lunchtime on Saturday. ‘Get in early, get out early’ is my motto this year. Can’t take those cab lines…

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