Kindle Screen Enhancements On The Way

By way of The Digital Reader, we learn a number of undisclosed Amazon Kindle screen enhancements are hidden with the latest software update. Beyond the routine ‘performance improvements, bug fixes’ release notes are some more significant and compelling improvements yet to be enabled. Lock Screen Customization Instead of the same boring literary screensavers, year after … Read more

Fitbit Inspire HR Hands On

As is often the case, I buy each new Fitbit … and invariably end up disappointed. Yet the Fitbit Inspire HR, which I uncovered last year as a likely Alta successor, strikes a nice balance between form, function, and price. And I’m digging it. In fact, for most, it may be a better option than … Read more

Fitbit Preps Alta Successors?

A pair of Fitbit devices just passed thru the FCC. And, given aggressive $90 Versa pricing today, my first thought was a quick refresh of the company’s relatively new smart watch. However, with ‘activity tracker’ verbiage and narrow “e-label” screens, a revamp or replacement of the Fitbit Alta line seems way more likely. From limited … Read more

Amazon Echo Auto Now Shipping!

Tipster Susan H shouldn’t have been doubted… as a small number of lucky folks did indeed receive Echo Auto invites. And orders have started arriving! Not much yet in the way of commentary, but Tod Kuntzelman has posted some nice pictures while we await more well-formed initial thoughts, including the requisite Roav Viva comparisons — given experiences … Read more

Arlo Pet Tracker To Intelligently Monitor Furry Friends

Along with the new Arlo Gen 5 wirefree camera, the Netgear spinoff is also poised to unveil a somewhat curious pet tracker. As they already promote pet-friendly video monitoring, perhaps this collar tag isn’t an entirely unusual pivot… And, as one Twitter buddy suggests, it’ll likely integrate with the Arlo video line to include/exclude those … Read more

Google Home Hub Is The Holiday Gift Of 2018

The refreshed Amazon Echo Dot will make a nice stocking-stuffer, but the newly introduced Google Home Hub could be an excellent holiday gift giving centerpiece. While it features a significantly smaller screen than the competing Amazon Echo Show and sister smart displays… that may actually work to its benefit, in terms of versatility (and contribute to … Read more

Replace Your Echo Dots. All Of Them.

The new Amazon Echo Dot is out. And Alexa’s reviews have been exceedingly positive. From The Verge: I’m going to cut right to the chase: the new Echo Dot smart speaker is so much better than its predecessor that it would not be totally out of line to replace a whole houseful of old Echo … Read more

Amazon Recalls Bricked Cloud Cam(s)

Can’t tell you how many devices this applies to, but Amazon wants my buddy’s Cloud Cam back.

About two weeks ago, he had told me the WiFi camera died. He attempted a factory reset, but no love. He hadn’t found time or energy to follow-up with Amazon when, out of the blue, he received a voicemail and an email “message from Amazon’s Engineering Team” ( this week stating:

I was calling to talk about one of your Cloud Cam devices. I’d like to get you a replacement Cloud Cam device as soon as possible at no additional cost to you. Additionally, I would like to schedule a pick-up to have the original device delivered to our lab for analysis.

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