Eufy Releases Cheaper, More Capable Apple AirTag

Anker has launched the Eufy SmartTrack Link, a $20 tracker that largely replicates the Apple AirTag. While Anker undercuts Apple by $5, the Eufy actually leans on Apple’s extensive, invaluable Find My network. Also on the cost-savings front, by including a key ring hole, you might save a few bucks on accessories. (Yes, I’m still bitter I had to invest in a 3rd party keyring.)

While I can’t personally vouch for this product (yet), there are some additional features that seem compelling — including a scannable QR code to help lost items find their owners and more extensive tracking alerts.

Also, as this story originates from Android Police, you’d be correct in assuming Google’s smartphone platform is covered as well. Although, obviously, without the Apple Find My network in the mix.

4 thoughts on “Eufy Releases Cheaper, More Capable Apple AirTag”

  1. It’s amazing that this product can take advantage of Apple’s “Find My” network. The seem to fence themselves in. (Or is it fence others out?) I was considering purchasing a set of Air Tags but this may be a better alternative.

  2. The Eufy app also allows you to share the tags with family members. I‘m unsure if this will prevent the “AirTag Found Moving With You” messages I get every time I ride in the car with a family member’s AirTag.

    If the Eufy tag does solve that “family member false notification problem”, I’m immediately throwing away all of my AirTags and replacing them. I’ve gotten that notification about 500 times…and all of them were from family member tags.

  3. That “false notification” issue was, I believe, Apple’s fix for strangers planting AirTags on people without their knowledge.

    It seems like a good feature that could be improved by allowing people to mark “good” tags that will suppress warnings from just those tags.

  4. Yeah, if the person receiving alerts could somehow “whitelist” an AirTag that’s expand its usability. Similarly, if you could make a family grouping in Find My or extend people who already trust one another to AirTags. I assume it’s only a matter of time. But I’ve been saying that for a long while…

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