Kindle Screen Enhancements On The Way

By way of The Digital Reader, we learn a number of undisclosed Amazon Kindle screen enhancements are hidden with the latest software update. Beyond the routine ‘performance improvements, bug fixes’ release notes are some more significant and compelling improvements yet to be enabled.

  • Lock Screen Customization
    • Instead of the same boring literary screensavers, year after year, Amazon will join the likes of Kobo in enabling cover imagery of the book currently being read. Unclear if this can work in conjunction with ad-supported units.
  • Contrast Adjustment
    • Contrast can be adjusted on a five point sliding scale, yet the technical implementation and technical implications are unclear at this point. The Digital Reader presumes this will only improve the legibility of images, but I wonder if it could also relate to font smooth/edges in someway – like higher contrast could result in sharper lettering, but a blockier appearance.

As to which Kindle devices and when, your guess is as good as mine. But I’m hopeful my later generation, ad-supported waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is on the docket.