Voltaic Solar-Charging Laptop Bags – Seen at CES

While walking through the South Hall at CES, out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple of Voltaic, solar-charging laptop bags. They were next to a gentleman who was happily enjoying his lunch until I accosted him. Having written about Voltaic last month, I was curious about any news or product updates. … Read more

Kid Tech

I’m always a little disconcerted seeing kids in Vegas, but kid tech I can get behind. Yesterday in the Sands there was a whole section dedicated to making money off the under-10 population. Mattel’s set-up included everything from custom Barbie nail decals, to virtual tweener worlds, to mind control games complete with pulse-sensing electrodes. Really. … Read more

Hands On With Kodak Zx1

As a short term owner of the Kodak Zi6 HD video camera ($180), I was interested in taking a gander at Kodak’s new Zx1 ($150) last night… which may or may not be an upgrade. Like its predecessor, the updated cam features 720p video recording onto SD cards. However, the new “weather resistant” model is … Read more

Still Waiting for Wireless Power

There are a ton of companies showing off wireless power solutions this year, with PowerMat possibly getting the most hype. While I haven’t run into the PowerMat folks yet, I did stop by the Fulton Innovation and Leggett & Platt booths at Digital Experience last night. Fulton is behind something called eCoupled technology. The technology … Read more

GiiNii – Welcome to the Internet-Connected World

Pepcom’s Digital Experience is like a small, tame version of the full CES, and yet it’s still overwhelming. My strategy this year was to hone in on a couple of companies and see what I could learn. First stop: GiiNii. I targeted GiiNii because of the company’s new Wi-Fi photo frame. My experience with eStarling’s … Read more

ZNF Representin’ at CES

Following Dave by about 24 hours, I arrived in Vegas this afternoon after losing one connecting flight to a cancellation and then boarding another earlier flight in Phoenix for the final leg of the trip. Miraculously my checked luggage even made the transfer successfully, and now I’m here in time to see the hottest porn … Read more

The Blogging Gear of CES

Following in the footsteps of my fellow geek bloggers (Gotta Be Mobile, Lilliputing, jkOnTheRun, etc) and marketing peeps (Stage Two Consulting), it’s time for a quick post on the gear I’m toting to cover CES. While I’ve seen more netbooks than I can count here in the press and blogger lounges, I found the vertical … Read more

ZNF ‘Round The Web

Leaving comments across the blogosphere… Technology Predictions for 2009 TeleNav is already an excellent application on many handset platforms and carriers. For a more “dedicated” experience, I have a feeling the continually delayed Garmin Nuvifone will be too little, too late, and too buggy. So I’m going on the record and stating Apple will either … Read more