Hands On With Kodak Zx1

As a short term owner of the Kodak Zi6 HD video camera ($180), I was interested in taking a gander at Kodak’s new Zx1 ($150) last night… which may or may not be an upgrade. Like its predecessor, the updated cam features 720p video recording onto SD cards. However, the new “weather resistant” model is sleeker and more compact, featuring comfortable rubberized side grips. And instead of providing component out for television playback, the Zx1 is bundled with an HDMI cable. A feature that doesn’t really do much for me personally. The reason I question if this is a true upgrade, is because the Zx1 drops two very useful features from the Zi6. The flip out USB connector has been replaced with a traditional USB cable, adding to the clutter. More troublesome, given the sorts of things I film, is the removal of a macro recording mode. So, while the price is right, the feature set won’t meet my needs. For slightly better pics, hit Engadget’s coverage.

1 thought on “Hands On With Kodak Zx1”

  1. really appreciate this quick review so soon after having your Zi6. i was interested in the Zx1 but hearing about the macro function makes me question it too. i could care less about the usb thing, but now it is a debate over weatherproof vs macro. i plan on taking it into the snow but at the same time would love to do some close ups.

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