The Flip MinoHD Giveaway – Start ’09 in HD!

After weeks of playing with the Flip MinoHD, it’s time to give someone else a turn. The kind PR folks have agreed to let us give away our review unit to one lucky ZNF reader.

My initial take on the MinoHD was that the difficulties of dealing with huge file sizes made the upgrade from an SD camcorder not quite worthwhile. But HD is addictive. The more videos you take in HD, the harder it is to go back to looking at SD clips. I’m still not willing to give up the AA battery advantage of the Flip Ultra, but if the Ultra gets an upgrade, I may have to as well.

In the meantime, you know the drill. Leave a comment saying you’d like a shot at the MinoHD (US residents only- sorry!), and one winner will be selected at random this weekend.

156 thoughts on “The Flip MinoHD Giveaway – Start ’09 in HD!”

  1. Dave, Mari, Davis, Brent and Dale,
    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

    Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All,

  2. Just the other day I was out walking with the dog in the snow and wondering what kind of wonderful device i could get to capture in full glory the wonderfulness of Sebastian leaping from snow pile to snow pile.

    This seems like just the trinket i need. Whatdoyasay? Wanna help out a friend in need?


  3. There’s one of these sat on my Amazon wishlist… It *almost* made it into the cart but I just couldn’t spend the money around the holidays. Winning one would be AWESOME! (Pick me O:) )

  4. Count me in…someone just asked about one of these and potentially getting the SD version through credit card points and I sent them a link to your reviews.

  5. Would be way better than the bulky camcorder I get to use for the kids opening their gifts on Christmas morn…

  6. Mari & Dave!

    I’d love an opportunity to win this.

    Thank you for everything you guys do. I read ZNF everyday and Dave advised me on my first HD TV to buy.


  7. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one of those. I’d like a shot at winning.

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  8. I’d love a chance at it. I actually gave two of these to family members for the hollidays and would love to have my own!

  9. My 9 year old loves to make movies with our old camcorder and she would be thrilled to use something new – thanks for the giving spirit, Mari and Dave!

  10. My son has an Ultra, so I need a video camera that is better than his :-) and the MinoHD looks like the right pick. Please, Dave, pick me!


  11. Well this would solve my hesitancy to jump into an area I know nothing about, but so sorely need the use of. Thanx for the opportunity.

  12. It is a sunny day in Kailua, the president elect is nowhere to be found. The secret service is snuggled down on the beach enjoying the cool Hawaiian breezes. Will the morrow bring a rainy day to his family’s Christmas?

  13. what’s not to like? great for documenting students sleeping in class to post for parent to view ;) teachers have to keep up with the latest technology, don’t they? count me in!

  14. This would be great for my sister & brother-in-law to record my niece (5yo) & nephew (3yo). Thanks for the chance!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  15. I have the SD Mino and would welcome the chance to try the HD version. I am a big fan of your blog, btw. Thank you –

  16. I would ‘flip’ if I won this.
    as Daffy Duck would say:
    OK, I’d share it with the wife.

  17. I have a DSLR, and I have a binaural digital audio recorder, so maybe it’s time to make the leap to full video. I’d love one of these!

  18. Hope I get lucky one of these times…
    Thanks Dave, for all of these great giveaways!!!
    Happy Holidays too all.

  19. count me in – something like this totally makes the list of things i want but wouldn’t buy… i’d love to get one for free…

  20. I would LOVE one of these. I’ve started saving for now, but if Santa were to draw my name out of a hat, that would rock all the more.

  21. My friend just got one of these, and he loves it. It is a quick and easy way to shoot some HD video! I would love it!

  22. I want to get the waterproof case if it fits the MinoHD and put it on the front of my jetski for great ocean shots.

  23. I would love to have this as I have no real Camcorder or Video Camera of any kind, OK my Blackberry Curve but I checked and no one has broken into the movie business with a movie made on their BB Curve!
    Have a great Holiday Dave and Readers!
    Ron P

  24. Been using my father’s Flip Ultra for the past 8 moths to film my baby daughter. But it’s time to let her shine in HD!

  25. I would love to win one to give to my daughter who is studying in Chicago. She is an art student there and we get her what we can. This would be used to share images that people would love and be inspired by, she is that kind of person.

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