TiVo Launching "My Shows Categories"

As we revealed last month, TiVo’s summer update will bring a third column to the DVR interface. And, now via TiVo’s YouTube channel, we’ve got a name in “My Shows Categories” along with high res imagery and training. Beyond the new presentation, and in-guide recording detailed here, we’re told the TiVo Roamio UI will also make its way to Premiere and Mini hardware with the summer update. As to Amazon and/or Android streaming… well, we’ve got no insider info, but hope springs eternal. I suspect we’ll hear something imminently via TiVo VP Margret Schmidt’s Twitter account on summer update release timing.

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  1. “So does that round TiVo icon next to some shows designate cloud or on demand content? Hm.”

    Isn’t that Icon a TiVo Suggestion?

    No Amazon under Video Providers, I hope that is not a Sign of things not to come…

  2. I have the Tivo Roamio (retail) and I don’t have this menu….interesting but not the end of the world.

  3. Bryan, I haven’t used Suggestions probably once in this decade… so, ha, yeah it could be/

    Joe, the UI change is coming as part of the “Summer Update” – you wouldn’t have it yet. But soon.

  4. Prediction: Sick of explaining over and over again to customers that TiVo is the one red-headed stepchild of Amazon Video-ready devices that is NOT compatible with the Instant Prime library, TiVo finally just removes Amazon from the list of participating Video Providers, period.

  5. Well, that will immediately be turned off.

    Why can’t they do custom categories like ReplayTV did? On ReplayTV, when choosing to record a show, or a recurring recording for a show, you could choose the category where to store it. The categories we used — “All (default, cannot eliminate, obviously), him, her, us”.

    The stuff we watched together was in “us”, and we had separate categories for shows we watched alone (or rather, would not anger the other person if you watched without them).

  6. Agree with FrankM, except I was hoping for one better with custom tag support, the distinction being that multiple tags could be associated with a one time recording or season pass. A “folder view” per tag would be available. Each family member’s name could be used as a tag, added to recordings they’re interested in and removed when they have watched a show.

    Since moving to one roamio and several mini’s for the household, the My Show’s list has been an unmanageable mess. It’s very difficult for someone to sift through the large single list and find the recordings they were interested in. Until this is solved, it’s hard to recommend the Roamio/Mini combination to families. Hopefully this update at least includes custom categories, but it doesn’t appear to in the video.

  7. Listen, I’d love custom tags/folders as much as the next guy. My 3 TB drive is 94% full. But @chris, is it really hard to recommend TiVo to families because the my shows list is too long? Really? It takes me about 5-6 extra seconds to find something or about 25 seconds to go through the whole list.

  8. Custom folders are not coming – ever… TiVo designs their UI to be user friendly at the lowest level, not “highly customizable”

    I hear everyone asking for highly specific and highly customized features that wiould take a lot of setup and maint screens – but that is the type of design you get with open source development, not a CE Product.

    So – no, custom foldering isn’t coming…. Ever!

  9. I hope Amazon hasn’t abandoned TiVo in favor of Fire TV… the real Amazon Instant on my Mini(s) would be stellar. For me, the Android (and cellular) streaming ship has sailed – I returned my Roamio and gave away the review Stream. Happily beaming stuff with no restrictions and to all devices via a Slingbox. In fact, I expect at my DC briefing tomorrow they’ll fill me in on the Slingbox M1 that I believe to be their new entry level model with WiFi.

  10. I agree Dave, Amazon Fire TV is the end of Prime coming to Tivo. When watching Amazon video purchases, I love the picture quality of Amazon videos off my Roamio hard drive. Oh well.

    Now will Android TV have a HDMI pass through for controlling a DVR/TiVo?

    Or do I just get a Fire TV/Kindle bundle for the snazziest user interface and johging on the treadmill streaming device?

  11. In fact, I expect at my DC briefing tomorrow they’ll fill me in on the Slingbox M1 that I believe to be their new entry level model with WiFi.

    Hopefully Dave you’ll hear about the Chomecast support tomorrow. I think it was initially teased at CES as coming “soon”, but haven’t heard anything in months.

    Maybe they plan to announce M1 and Chromecast together?

  12. Yep, they accidentally released a render of profiles the same time we first saw this new categorization back when the TiVo Premiere launched in 2010. I think the lawsuits and Virgin Media kept these guys preoccupied for a few years. Seems we’re moving forward at a much quicker clip, other than Android, but who knows if it’s still on the roadmap.

  13. Dave,

    But the Slingbox can’t download shows, right? For me, I almost always download over stream (and would even if streaming over cellular were activated) since cellular data quality varies and isn’t consistent enough for a commute on a bus (especially one that involves the Lincoln Tunnel). This doesn’t even mention what it does for data caps.

    Honestly, I have an iPad because of the Tivo app. It’s the app I use most and is the primary differentiator between tablets. I choose my devices based on what they can do and the software available on it just like some people choose a game system based on the games available for it. The TiVo app is enough of a reason for me to stick with the iPad (plus I have an iphone so it makes the most sense).

  14. Agreed, TiVo Stream/Roamio ease of use is hard to beat for both interaction and offload capabilities. However, for my current typical use cases and needs, Slingbox is the better, more versatile solution – including web browser plugin. By the by, the Xfinity app is pretty cool in letting you download Showtime programming – caught most of Ray Donovan on various flights a few months back. And TiVo offloading is still available when I need it – way more effort than Stream/Roamio, but I’m not without options the once or twice a year I need to grab something for travel or my niece.

  15. “Agreed, TiVo Stream/Roamio ease of use is hard to beat for both interaction and offload capabilities. However, for my current typical use cases and needs, Slingbox is the better, more versatile solution.”

    Ask not what TiVo can do for you, ask what you can do for TiVo.

  16. Some new but vague intel has come my way… I think we may finally be on for Android. I also suspect release for the summer update and Android will occur sometime after the 4th holiday weekend. Lastly, TiVo has opened their Priority Request page here:


    We are preparing to release a software update (20.4.2) for TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Premiere boxes.

  17. Now that Fox has added the recent SCOTUS ruling on Aereo to its lawsuit against the Dish Hopper’s place shifting ability, it seems possible that Sling could be in real trouble. And I don’t think it will be the last unintended consequence of that stupid ruling either.

  18. “Watching sports without a commerical break every minute or so is an amazing experience. Think I’ll be a soccer fan.”

    You should really try the NBA with a TiVo. Same deal.

    (Full timeouts are precisely 5 30-sec-skips, or 6 for nationally televised games. 20 second timeouts are precisely 2 30-sec-skips. These are actual pro-tips.)

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