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Why hello there, little Slingbox. I’ve been tracking you several weeks since first popping up on the Sling Media warranty page as the Slingbox M1. Further I’m told, as FCC docs now confirm, that you’ll bring wireless capabilities to the lower end of Sling’s lineup via a more Roku-esque form factor. In fact, you may even replace the Slingbox 350 released in 2012 and clock in at a lower MSRP – perhaps $130-150. See you soon?

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  1. I hope my pricing intel is wrong and they can get this guy in under $100. And, obviously, wireless would be configured via software versus television display as handled by the Slingbox 500 and pseudo pass-thru HDMI ports this probably doesn’t ship with. Also, we’re still awaiting that Chromecast support.

  2. Even for those that haven’t cut the cord, doesn’t the TV Anywhere initiative render slingbox largely obsolete, at least in the US?

  3. Not for me… Verizon only streams a subset of my channels. And none of my recordings. TiVo’s baked in streaming doesn’t support Android and honors BS restrictions set via cable operator. Sling’s still the best game in town and their iPad app is pretty stellar, with meta data, sports info, rich guide, etc – it deserves its own post given recent updates.

  4. Ahh OK, I hadn’t seen Verizon’s offering. Time-Warner and Comcast’s TV Anywhere services are actually quite comprehensive.

  5. Actually TWC and Xfinity TV Anywhere services are not as comprehensive as they seem. They tout channel numbers, but their count includes a lot of secondary channels of the same network (e.g., ESPN, Disney).

    It’s always the fine print that gets you….

  6. I’ve seen both, and they both have pretty much anything I would want to watch on cable. I don’t really care about channel counts; they have the channels (and more importantly, content) I would actually want to watch.

  7. The one thing I like about the Xfinity app (mom has) is that some shows can be downloaded. That’s how I caught a few episodes of Ray Donovan on a plane to or from somewhere a few months back.

  8. I virtually never use the Xfinity app simply because when I go looking for something its often not there. The most recent case was my three year old daughter wanted to see the Minnierella episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which we hadn’t TiVo’d for some reason. Xfinity? Nope, despite it airing the previous week. They have exactly three episodes.

    Walking Dead? Not a single actual episode online. Some webisodes. Some previews. That’s all.

    Breaking Bad? Five episodes. Nothing from the latest season at all, just an odd collection of S01E06, S01E07, S02E01-E03. Weird.

    MythBusters? Three episodes–S03E05, S03E27, S04E31. Three episodes. From FOURTEEN seasons plus specials.

    The Americans? Hey the whole 2nd season, but none of the first. Umm, I’m actually watching the first season.

    The Bridge? 5 episodes.

    Etc. I presume you get my point.

    Etc. Sure there’s a lot of stuff they do have, which is fine if I’m just browsing. But if I’m looking for something in particular

  9. Apparently the M1 will replace the Slingbox 350. Look at what they have written on their warranty page

  10. Glenn, that’s why I’ll always keep my Tivo DVRs around. When I had Comcast (Fios now), your experience was mine. They didn’t have enough of the content I wanted to see to be useful and the shows that I did want to see, I couldn’t download to take with me. I’ll keep my Tivo (or some other form of dvr) for the rest of my life.

  11. WoW! if it comes in at under$100, i will definitely buy one to compliment my Slingbox 350. And I will use the wireless capability to eliminate a wire.

  12. Slingshot gives me access to all the programming I want: my DVR content of recordings and all c h channels live, including premium movie channels. I have found all streaming services and Digital Rights content not suiting my needs, desires, nor taste. Yes Slingbox is still king because it really is your home TV at any remote location. Hopper with Sling is next best, TiVo n needs to get on the Android train to really offer some alternative to the king Slingbox.

  13. My guess is $129 but I’m basing that on nothing. $99 would be fantastic but besides hitting an arbitrary price point, I see no reason to go that low. It also eliminates their ability to promote it down to $99. Again, basing this all on nothing.

  14. Slingbox still the best because it gives is our Home TV as if we were at home with no restrictions. That beats the pain of limitations from streaming services or MSO or TiVo streaming schemes. The Hopper would be 2nd best as it is built into the box itself and pretty much works like the Slingbox, but the Slingbox itself offers true YOUR TV anywhere and is still the King.

  15. I’m seeing $99 Slingbox 350 at a number of online retailers … M1 on the way? Any word on whether the M1 will have the deal-killing HDCP prohibitions? $99 would allow me to sling all of my Roamio stuff to my devices …

  16. Given HDMI licensing and implementation requirements, anyone who does this by the book will be similarly constrained (and use component in serial with my Slingbox between TiVo and TV). As to any potential new stuff, I can no longer speak freely. :)

  17. Still no built-in digital tuner for streaming over-the-air signals. )-:. I’ll Stick with the Pro HD.

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