TechCrunch Covers Movie Download Services

TechCrunch has a piece covering a variety of movie download services. They put together a decent chart showing percentage of top rentals offered and comparative pricing for CinemaNow, Movielink, GUBA, Amazon, and iTunes. Notably absent from their roundup is Vongo (by Starz!) — the one movie download option with favorable pricing: all-you-can-eat, $10/mo. An interesting angle which they didn’t explore is what resolution of video will you get for your money? For example CinemaNow offers up to 720p, whereas iTunes is capped at 640×480 (which will probably be bumped up next spring with the iTV release). They failed to mention that Movielink will join CinemaNow (both businesses were formed by movie studios) in offering a burn-to-DVD option in the near future. I wonder what Microsoft has in store with the non-PlaysForSure Zune