Starz Expands Online Movie Options

Starz has launched Vongo, a new movie download service. What makes Vongo unique is the $9.95 all-you-can-eat subscription plan. PC downloads require a custom app that work in conjunction with Microsoft’s DRM. In addition to desktop or laptop viewing, transfers to MS mobile devices running Portable Media Center v2 are currently supported. Starz intends to expand service to Sony’s Connect download service in the near future. Their stated intention is to also offer video downloads to the iPod, but that strikes me as unlikely.

Starz originally began offering movie downloads via RealOne over a year ago. I briefly gave the service a try, but was dissapointed with an unpredictable selection of mostly older films. If the new service offers current, mainstream content, both the pricing and timing could be right to make some waves.

NY Times says: As a subscription service, Vongo will allow users to download as many movies as they want for $9.95 a month. They will be able to choose from an ever-changing roster of about 800 movies, including about 300 films in rotation on the Starz cable channel (mainly movies released in theaters one to three years earlier) and 500 older titles.

4 thoughts on “Starz Expands Online Movie Options”

  1. I’m using it,you can download up to 10 movies at once.
    I will get a portable just because it will play it.

    Simple and very nice hope this takes on NETFLIX c’mon

  2. Tried to view their site but I’m blocked from even viewing the site because my IP originates outside the U.S. Well, I’m an American living in Prague for a year while I got to school and you can’t get any US programming over here. Just a small selection of English DVD titles. What’s the deal with blocking us out? I would think this would be a great market to tap into since our selection here is so slim. Maybe just require a US credit card instead? Oh and support of Mac would be nice too.

  3. Although it would be good to have it in other countries, that would mean they would need to own the license there. And That could become costly considering they only really offer english movies. So if they get to own the licenses where you are staying then you might get it.

  4. I will not be using this service. You can do better and for free all of what Vongo is offering. Copy the content on cable for free with the TV PC video card…or use a PVR. Then just move it to your notebook…all legally. “Unilimited” download of videos implies a lot of content. They have a deal with less than 1/3 of the studios…so the subscription content is simply what Starz offers on their service. And if you have ever watched that service you realize how limited and dated and B-grade it is. Why pay for that?

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