Dave Covers Zune


blah blah blah Toshiba Gigabeat S blah blah blah plus MusicGremlin blah blah blah battle iPod/iTunes blah blah blah

If you’d like more verbose coverage, I suggest Engadget: Zune player, Zune marketplace

3 thoughts on “Dave Covers Zune”

  1. It’s not that I’m unimpressed, but it’s not clear to me this unreleased product has warranted so much coverage over the last few weeks. Call it info-overload.

  2. I’ll be the last person to defend Microsoft. But I want to point out Apple also put out the first generation of iPod using “checkbook engineering.”

    iTunes started life as an app called SoundJam, which Apple bought. And the iPod hardware was designed by PortalPlayer, before Apple adopted it and put their UI on it.

    Not much different than Microsoft is doing now with Zune, only about five years too late.

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