Today’s Apple Announcements


Quick summary…


  • Enhanced iPod with brighter screen, updated GUI, and games
  • Refreshed Nano (no video) and Shuffle (no screen) lines
  • No killer video iPod device announcement; no built-in Bluetooth
  • iTV: $299 Wireless media extender coming in 2007!


  • 70 flicks added to iTunes from Disney studios
  • 640×480 resolution, with Dolby Surround
  • Same licensing as TV downloads
  • $9.99 – $12.99 per movie purchase

In conclusion we’re moving in the right direction, but today’s hardware and download releases are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Give me an easier way to get higher def content to my TV (iTV, 2007?) and then I’ll be excited. Adding Disney movies should encourage other studios to participate in the same way Apple grew their television content business. I am looking forward to giving the revamped iTunes 7 a spin.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Apple Announcements”

  1. I agree. Apple needs to provide HD capability, and they need to allow us to view media which originated from someplace other than iTunes (for instance, a DVD or ripped DVD). I notice the “iTV” lacks a DVD slot.

  2. Doesn’t the Xbox 360 already offer most of the features of ITV without me getting another box and spending $299? I know you need MS XP MCE now but Vista will have this standard.

  3. Yes, the 360 is a high-def media extender, but it doesn’t give you the same sense of self-righteousness as owning the Apple product does.

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