Philips Hue to support Apple HomeKit this Fall

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Dave Zatz —  June 5, 2015 — 10 Comments


Insteon’s Apple HomeKit-compatible hub drops support for many Insteon products.
So will the new Hub Pro eventually support the same devices currently supported by the product formerly known as the Hub II? We don’t know. Insteon’s not saying. We have to imagine that this is not what long-time Insteon users expected or hoped for.

DISH and T-Mobile flirt with the idea of a merger… but Ergen doesn’t always seal the deal.
Mr. Ergen envisions selling bundles of video and wireless service to better compete with cable and telecom rivals who are banking on their broadband businesses for growth. Mr. Ergen has had near brushes on deals with MetroPCS, Clearwire, Sprint, Hulu and DirecTV, and in each case, he walked away empty-handed.

Amazon Echo does what Sonos can’t with native Audible streaming.
Since Amazon owns Aubilde, there’s no account linking or setup required. Simply say “Alexa, read [book title]” to begin listening to a book in your library, or say “Alexa, read my book” to continue listening to your most recent audiobook.

New 800 Lumens Philips Hue bulb incoming?


Last year, Logitech announced a new Home Hub which began a transformation of Harmony into a home automation hub by integrating a number of third party devices including as Philips Hue, Nest, SmartThings, and more! Not only could you control your media devices with a single remote / app, but we now also had the ability to control your lights, locks, and temperature of your home. Mix and match devices within your activities to create powerful new automations.

Sadly, at the time, Logitech left their older Smart Hub customers out in the cold. The new Home Hubs seemed to just be software updates, rather than any kind of additional hardware updates. Whether it was a change of heart, the angry voice of Harmony enthusiasts, or a little of both, Logitech has now provided an update for the older Smart Hub bringing it up-to-date with the Home Hub feature set. Continue Reading…


Thanks to a pulled page at iMore, we learn that a number of Apple HomeKit products are now available for order, with others on tap… including a new player in this realm: Elgato. Will this be enough to smooth the rough edges and finally start pushing home automation beyond the geeky fringes, into the mainstream?


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As one of the bazillion WordPress bloggers, I’m always on the lookout for tools to improve my efficiency. And, sadly, Microsoft’s surprising new OneNote plugin isn’t one of them. While Microsoft does seem to have intelligently integrated picture attachments into WordPress (including the Media Manager), the rest leaves something to be desired. The initial linkage is a kludgey exercise. Fortunately it’s just a one time thing — so, though it lacks polish and may seem somewhat arcane, the directions can be followed by most that first time. I was more concerned with the slightly dirty HTML and slow Notebook/Page lookup in brief testing. Continue Reading…

Given Microsoft’s strategy to deploy Windows 10 across all computing devices, including computers and smartphones, I guess it’s not entirely surprising they intend to similarly unify the Xbox One onto the platform later this year. Whether or not this translates into a less crazy user interface remains to be seen, but it does seem highly likely that background music streaming will be one compelling benefit of migrating to the new operating system. It’s a feature I’m surprised we haven’t seen more – and something I periodically have appreciated from the WDTV Play and Amazon Fire TV. Continue Reading…


Amazon has launched a Kindle for Kids Bundle. The Bundle packages a third-party back cover (in your choice of five colors) and two-year SquareTrade warranty with an existing entry-level, touch-screen, ad-free Kindle … for the same price that Kindle alone would have cost (without ads): $99. Beyond its standard e-reading capabilities, Amazon is also pitching Kindle FreeTime features such as reading achievement badges. But I wonder if there’s much of a market amongst parents and their budding readers for a single function device like this? I’d handed down a former Kindle to a friend’s daughter, but Dad tells me it was pretty quickly superseded by other multifunctional tablet gadgetry. Hm. Continue Reading…