TiVo’s CEO Video Interview

Reuters is running a juicy 5 minute web interview of TiVo CEO Tom Rogers. The reporter does a nice job in understanding the issues and asking Rogers the tough questions. If the business side of TiVo interests you, check it out! Here are a few highlights… “Having a DVR is not having a TiVo.” Several … Read more

TiVo Winter Olympics Recap

The results are in… and the Olympics were boring! Overall the US finished second in both total medal count (25) and gold medals (9) without Bode Miller’s participation. The HD was great, but NBC’s coverage just didn’t capture my attention. I also felt used in the way events and participants were edited together in prime … Read more

How-To Make a Fake Video iPod

So you know that leaked video iPod image? Not only is it fake, the creator documented the whole process in a sweet little video put to music. You must go check it out! (via Mac Rumors)

The Boondocks Cover TiVo

Aaron McGruder and I simultaneously honed our artistic and comedic skills as undergrads at the U of Maryland. Print was his medium of choice with The Boondocks, while mine was radio with Zatz Not Funny. Looks like only one of us succeeded. ;)

Microsoft Trademarks MovieScout

In trying to track down information on Microsoft’s Origami project, I came across a recent MS trademark application. On February 10, Microsoft requested the rights to the character mark MovieScout in relation to “providing online information concerning entertainment, movie schedules and locations, movie reviews, and ticketing.” The domain name is currently held through Market Vision’s … Read more

Hawk’s One Billion Suckers

Thomas Hawk presents a less than rosy view of Apple’s one billion iTunes served. Though he is somewhat off the mark… we’re really talking about 50 million suckers. ;) Until recently I was counted amongst those suckers. See, I think the iTunes store is an efficient and reasonably priced service providing a large library of … Read more

MovieKlub Mail Order DVD Service

Here we have yet another video distribution system that will fail (see MovieBeam ). MovieKlub will send you up to two DVDs a week for $24.99/month. So what’s the big deal? These movies can only be played 3 times… then you toss them out or return them for recycling. We’ve seen similar schemes in the … Read more

TiVo Is Dead? Again?

Let’s face it… if you’re a journalist, bashing TiVo is good for business. Very few companies inspire the cult-like loyalty and name recognition (a small player like) TiVo enjoys. There’s nothing like a negatory article to energize the masses. That could explain why every few months both the Motley Fool and Phillip Swann of TV … Read more