Slingplayer 1.2 Beta Released

Dave Zatz —  June 14, 2006

If you’ve been reluctant to download the UK version of the Slingplayer, you’ll be happy to hear Slingplayer 1.2 Beta has been released for the US… and packing many of the same features (no, you won’t get DVB-T support or auto 16×9 detection). I had a brief chat with Sling VP Jeremy Toeman, and other than the obvious addition of skins support he emphasized enhanced home LAN video quality via both the software and firmware (1.8) update. Toeman also mentioned those using the integrated analog tuner (as I usually do) now have the ability to fine tune channel frequencies and/or drop channels altogether.

Having used both the UK version and now the 1.2 beta, I can tell you my home bitrate has doubled and video quality is excellent. The new default (“Bauhaus”) and bundled “Brushed Steel” skins are far more attractive than the style-challenged original. The ability to drag and drop favorite channel buttons is a feature that won’t see much use outside of initial config, but also adds some nice functional polish to the player. So, in conclusion, go grab this update!

2 responses to Slingplayer 1.2 Beta Released

  1. Actually, I think it’s the 1.2 beta, not 2.0

    I tried to d/l, and I need to register my slingbox. But their register CGI is broken. It returns a “sbdb INSERT error: 1136, Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1” error. Bummer.

    I’ll have to wait for them to fix it before trying it.

  2. Thank you! I guess the lesson is no blogging before making my Starbucks run. ;)

    FYI I’ve passed your registration woes on to Sling Media.