TiVo KidZone: The People

TiVo’s KidZone Road Show hit DC today… An intimate group of about three dozen people, half of whom seemed affiliated with one presenter or another, witnessed two new KidZone announcements. First, Parents’ Choice Foundation has signed on as the fourth provider of children’s programming recommendations. Second, KidZone will identify congress-mandated Educational and Informational (E/I) television programming for recording.

At the moment I’m thinking this will be a three-part story. The first two portions will cover the people and the product in photos. I’ll offer my opinion of KidZone and describe how the technology works with the third entry.

Tom Rogers, CEO
TiVo, Inc.

Fred Upton, Congressman
Chairman of the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet

Joe Miller, Vice President
TiVo, Inc.

Bob Poniatowski
TiVo, Inc.

Claire Green, President
Parents’ Choice Foundation

Melissa Caldwell
Parents Television Council

3 thoughts on “TiVo KidZone: The People”

  1. Good undercover work zatzman! What happend to the screenshot photos? And why was coverage so “exclusive”? Was it self selecting? Or was it to produce a VIP feel?

  2. The screenshot photos were posted early this AM in a separate entry and should be visible.

    Regarding the turn out, I’m not sure why it was a small gathering – though the room was full. I suspect most press coverage took place at the first event in New York City a week or so ago. It’s also my sense that most tech reporters dwell in NYC and San Fran… DC prefers to cover politics. Also TiVo seemed to have discussed the announcements with some press prior to the event, so perhaps they didn’t have a need to be present.

  3. Here’s some more info:
    Award winning and multi-platinum recording artists Point Of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen announced today their strong endorsement of TiVo KidZone and committed to help spread the word about the new family-friendly service at a series of events across the country that will occur after TiVo KidZone is made available to consumers mid-year.

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