TiVo Software 7.3 With KidZone Priority Sign Up


Those of you with Series2 units… go sign up for system software 7.3! Expect up to three days before TiVo peeps manually load your priority request. The major enhancement is the release of KidZone, a feature adding a managed and insulated partition for children. Kudos to TiVo for delivering on time — several months ago Bob Poniatowski assured me that KZ would be released in June and here we are.


Only TiVo offers TiVo® KidZone so you’ll never be surprised by what your kids are watching. And, it’s all included as part of the TiVo service. By signing up for the TiVo KidZone priority list, you will ensure that you are one of the first families to receive TiVo KidZone as soon as it’s available in our next service update.

TiVo KidZone creates a child-friendly environment on your TiVo® DVR. In
KidZone, only age-appropriate channels and recordings are available. Children cannot set up new recordings or change any settings on the DVR. On DVRs that are equipped with a DVD player, children cannot play DVDs in KidZone.

UPDATE: If you signed up earlier today, you should be able to update your TiVo to 7.3 by forcing a connection. Check out TiVo’s KidZone Quick Start PDF for an overview. If you have a broadband connected TiVo you can choose and modify programming selections via your Series 2, otherwise you’ll manage recording options online. In addition to KZ, you’ll find a nice little enhancement to quickly delete multiple recordings without waiting for individual confirmation. I also noticed many graphical network logos have been pushed down, though that might be independent of 7.3.

4 thoughts on “TiVo Software 7.3 With KidZone Priority Sign Up”

  1. I set the KidZone age range to <12. Many of our home shows must be age appropriate, though I noticed some shows such as Anthony Bourdain, Future Weapons, and Myth Busters were hidden.

  2. For one I am not going anywhere near that priority signup list.

    I’m actually somewhat ashamed that I haven’t ditched TiVo altogether over this, I consider it a moral failing on my part.

  3. Привет всем, скоро уже весна вот мой сайт, оцените, если неработает, то через часок я его
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