3 thoughts on “Deal O’ The Day: $149 Slingbox”

  1. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about slingbox, because I don’t like it when other people just post “party pooper” things in other people’s discussions, but I really have to say that I just really don’t see the appeal in this gadget.

    I see why time-shifting is compelling, but not for place-shifting. I don’t want to miss my favorite shows, but I am perfectly happy to wait until I’m at home to watch them, with high quality picture and sound.

    Maybe for people who travel a whole lot, this could be useful.

    As an aside, I find both the name and the physical packaging of the product pretty unappealing.

  2. It’s a product that you either want/need or you don’t. Complicating matters for some is the availability of Orb which provides some similar functionality without a hardware cost (other than a PC tuner card).

    Some examples of how my Slingbox is being used:

    Mom’s den (1,000 miles away) isn’t wired for cable yet so she watches my TLC feed on her LCD. My computer nook isn’t wired for cable either, so I may pop up some background TV while working on my desktop computer. There are several guys I look out for on the 2nd and 3rd shifts who enjoy the Slingbox. Not to mention, a few World Cup fans have been putting it to use during the days recently.

    I think more folks will find the device useful when they offer SlingCatchers (if my prediction pans out). It’ll also be interesting to see what results from Echostar/Dish’s multimillion dollar investment.

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