Slingbox Exposure

So I was in the Best Buy today looking for a new wireless bridge with multiple network jacks. The first thing I discovered is that no one has any idea what a wireless bridge is… apparantly the vogue terms are wireless ethernet converter or wireless game adapter, despite the fact this project has nothing to … Read more

SlingPlayer 1.0.5 Beta Released

Looks like Slingbox SlingPlayer software version 1.0.5 is pretty close to being finalized. If you can’t wait, go download Friday’s beta. Major enhancements and fixes over 1.0.4 are noted below. Brand, new officially-approved TiVo remote control. The Video Tuning Wizard assists you in selecting the video settings that work best for your system without navigating … Read more

Cellphone Slingbox Player?

Looks like Sling Media is trying to partner with cellphone carriers to host or market Slingbox feeds, but they’re not getting anywhere fast. With or without their cooperation, a Microsoft Mobile Slingplayer will be available in the near future. Buried within the article is an interesting stat… 100,000 Slingboxes sold. Forbes says: “We have no … Read more

Sling Media Responds To Story

Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, wrote a response to yesterday’s Marketwatch summary. As with my prior interactions with the father of Slingbox, I get the sense Blake is a stand-up guy in touch with both his customers and the market. Kudos for conversing directly with us in forums (AVS, TCF) and the … Read more

Sling Media Anticipates Commoditization

Blake Krikorian, the co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, had an interesting and frank conversation with MarketWatch. Bottom line: Krikorian asserts he has a several year lead until other services add Slingbox features, during which time Sling hopes to innovate and partner before their technology becomes a commodity. Of course, having a healthy awareness of … Read more

Echostar Backs Sling Media

On Malik reports EchoStar (aka DISH Network) has participated in the current round of Sling Media funding. Combined with Echostar’s investment in Archos, there’s a high potential for synergistic devices. I give them credit for aggressively investing in these unproven, peripheral technologies… then again, maybe that’s what a #2 needs to do in order to … Read more

Slingbox Mac Support On The Way

Ask and ye shall receive! In my experience the Sling folks have been tuned in to their customer’s desires from day one. For example, over on AVS Forum we said we needed W2K support — a week later we had it. So when numerous people requested Mac support, Sling was listening. Today a Mac OSX … Read more

Slingbox Supports MS Portables

Today marks the official unveiling of SlingPlayer Mobile. The mobile version of SlingPlayer supports Microsoft-powered portable devices, phone or PDA, running Windows Mobile 5 or 2003. You’ll obviously need a network connection via WiFi or cell carrier to access a Sling feed. SlingPlayer Mobile will be available within a month or so and will require … Read more