Echostar Backs Sling Media

On Malik reports EchoStar (aka DISH Network) has participated in the current round of Sling Media funding. Combined with Echostar’s investment in Archos, there’s a high potential for synergistic devices. I give them credit for aggressively investing in these unproven, peripheral technologies… then again, maybe that’s what a #2 needs to do in order to remain competitive. I also congratulate the Sling folks for executing their game plan well — these additional investments (to the tune of $46.6 million) wouldn’t have come without the good sales and positive press they’ve received.

1 thought on “Echostar Backs Sling Media”

  1. Nobody in this business has done so well investing in unproven technology. Anyone who has owned Dish equipment knows that their actual platform is unproven technology.

    With Echostar involved, does this mean that they will spend less money on Quality Assurance to make sure the customer has the most “interesting” experience possible?

    It’s kind of like convergence…as PCs and set top boxes all move toward combining functions in the living room, you’ll find Echostar is the leader in that experience, as the rate that their equipment crashes and reboots is on par with Windows.

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