SlingPlayer 1.0.5 Beta Released

Looks like Slingbox SlingPlayer software version 1.0.5 is pretty close to being finalized. If you can’t wait, go download Friday’s beta. Major enhancements and fixes over 1.0.4 are noted below.

  • Brand, new officially-approved TiVo remote control.
  • The Video Tuning Wizard assists you in selecting the video settings that work best for your system without navigating the video options directly. Works even better now!
  • Better connectivity so that EVDO users and VPN users will see fewer dropped Slingbox connections.
  • Several bug fixes in the Installer for a smoother upgrade from 1.0.4.
  • More complete remote control mappings for popular set-top boxes, including more keyboard shortcuts as well as additional remote control commands.
  • Five new customized remote controls for DirecTV, Comcast Motorola, ReplayTV, UltimateTV, and Echo/DISH Network receivers.
  • Improved remote control functionality for many devices, including but not limited to CyberHome DVD players, Moxi, SA Explorer 8600, and Toshiba DVRs.
  • Easier & more straightforward device selection during the setup process.
  • Updated support documents for this release. Both the User Guide as well as the Windows help file have been updated.
  • Improved SlingPlayer for non-US locations. Now you can select your NTSC country from the menu during setup, and 4-digit channels are also accepted.
  • A plethora of under-the-hood enhancements that fix bugs and concerns reported by our community in both the software and firmware.

Update 3/8: The official 1.0.5 Sling software build has been released.