Cellphone Slingbox Player?

Looks like Sling Media is trying to partner with cellphone carriers to host or market Slingbox feeds, but they’re not getting anywhere fast. With or without their cooperation, a Microsoft Mobile Slingplayer will be available in the near future. Buried within the article is an interesting stat… 100,000 Slingboxes sold.

Forbes says: “We have no immediate plans to run that service,” says Jeffrey Nelson, spokesman for Verizon Wireless, the country’s second-largest carrier. “What runs on our network are our services.” So why aren’t they rushing to hop on? Likely, because they’ve got their own video services to peddle.

Sling Media’s executives insist that the carriers will come along, soon. “We’re open to finding ways to partner with them,” says Sling Media Chief Executive Blake Krikorian. “This is a fantastic offering for them, it will drive sales of devices and high-speed services.”

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  1. Dave,

    I just thought I’d chime in on this topic and add a little clarity here.

    While it is true that none of the carriers have announced any plans to explicitly offer the SlingPlayer Mobile Edition software, this does not preclude end-users from downloading it directly. It is certainly conceivable that we will have an offering in conjunction with a mobile carrier down the road, especially considering how the SlingPlayer helps drive consumers to purchase the latest mobile phones and sign up for the larger data services plans. At present, the method for a consumer to get the software will be triggered through a download on the Sling Media Web site, which is consistent with our original distribution plans.

    The SlingPlayer Mobile Edition runs on Windows Mobile 5 (and 2003), an open platform for installing third-party applications. It acts no differently than any other network-enabled mobile software, such as Avvenu or Goodlink. This means Slingbox owners can connect to their home Slingbox over WiFi-enabled networks as well as the cellular-based devices.


  2. Thanks for elaborating!

    Though, what I really want to know is the cost (if any) of the portable client. The January press release said ‘pricing and distribution’ to be determined… I had assumed it’d be a freebie.

    (I’m about ready to upgrade to the Sprint 6700.)

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