Slingbox Supports MS Portables

Today marks the official unveiling of SlingPlayer Mobile. The mobile version of SlingPlayer supports Microsoft-powered portable devices, phone or PDA, running Windows Mobile 5 or 2003. You’ll obviously need a network connection via WiFi or cell carrier to access a Sling feed. SlingPlayer Mobile will be available within a month or so and will require an additional software or subscription fee. If the past is any indication, it’s likely the Sling folks will offer a public beta on the down-low. I’ll keep you updated.

Refresher… the Slingbox allows you to control and view your home AV content from any broadband connected PC, and soon MS portables, worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Slingbox Supports MS Portables”

  1. so I looked at the slingbox site and did not find any word. Are there any links to what slingbox itself is saying about this? Keeping an eye out for those updates

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