Slingbox Mac Support On The Way

Ask and ye shall receive! In my experience the Sling folks have been tuned in to their customer’s desires from day one. For example, over on AVS Forum we said we needed W2K support — a week later we had it. So when numerous people requested Mac support, Sling was listening. Today a Mac OSX version of the SlingPlayer will be unveiled near MacWorld. The free software should drop by summer.


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  1. Are there any sites that compare what a SlingBox does to what TiVo is doing? Can I buy a SlingBox and get rid of my TiVo?

    Oh yeah… ENTER ME.

  2. Slingbox is more an accessory to your Tivo. You record stuff on the TiVo, and then Slingbox is a gateway between the TiVo and the network. Leave home. Tivo records something. You log onto your slingbox across the internet. You use a software remote (see above picture) to control the tivo, and start playign the show you want to watch.

    Now you’re watching all the stuff that’s on your TiVo, in the comfort of your hotel room. Or desk at work. Or your buddy’s house, etc.

  3. Does anyone know the advantages of using slingbox over orb to watch your tivo shows? Is it more stable? I can watch tivo shows saved to my computer and on my tivo and can already watch them on my Dell Axim.

  4. Andy, SlingBox connects directly to your AV device (TiVo, cable box, DVD player, whatever) and gives you full remote control via IR blaster. For example, though a PDA I can change channels, schedule recordings, watch and pause live TV, etc as I do at home.

    Orb requires a PC with a tuner card or limits you to pre-recorded content… but it also allows you to stream other sorts of multimedia (audio, photos) from your PC.

    They are both very good products. Their features may seem to overlap, but they really meet two different needs.

  5. Why do people always think, Slingbox versus Tivo, or slingbox controlling Tivo. How about Tivo controlling Slingbox.

    Heck- what if as part of the kind of internet content I can record off the net that I could record MPEG4 streams onto my Tivo? Naturally, I am talking a series 3 here (in order to support the Mpeg4), but hey- if my relative in Spain lets me record a show off his TV in the middle of the night, that’s great.

  6. I want ENTER ME one of these Mac-compatible Sling Box thingies since ENTER ME I’ve had Mac for the past 15 ENTER ME years.

  7. Does Slingbox have the capability of slinging my windows media center (pc)? That way I can schedule recordings and play all my Windows media content remotely?

  8. allows you to change channels on your media center pc just like you do with SlingBox. Unlike Slingbox is free works without software on the other end. You can use a mac, PC, Pocket PC, EVDO Smartphone, or cellphone to view your TV from anywhere and if you have a Media Center PC is totally free. Sling Box has a very simple non technical setup and is able to traverse NAT without forwarding ports on your router. Orb has a more technical setup but it is definetly more compatible in the end and for now it remains free!! (TV Tuner Required to watch live TV)

  9. I would buy one of these NOW if the Mac player were available. College football starts next week and I live on the other side of the planet!

  10. I used Boot Camp to install Windows on my MacBook Pro, and the Slingbox works well. Would still like to use it through my Mac OS though!

    Anyone have any advice as to how “dangerous” it is to run Windows on my Mac? I only use it for the Slingbox but suppose I’m vulnerable to worms, etc. while the content is streaming?

    Would appreciate any insight…

  11. Paul: You’ll want to protect your Win install and Mac partition even they run on Apple hardware. Download Avast AntiVirus and Comodo Firewall — both are excellent AND free.

  12. I am wondering if it is available for Mac. I am seeing talk about support etc.. but no official word about availablity.

  13. I ordered a slingbox AV last week — just s soon as it was announced that the Mac version was available. It just arrived — no Mac software; nothing in the box except a referral to the slingmedia website to download the Mac version of the player …. which ”isn’t ready yet’.

    It’s bad enough they demo’d the Mac version last january and are just getting around to selling it. But when they take orders for and ship products that aren’t ready. That’s really terrible. I’ve got no enthusiasm for slingmedia.

  14. These guys at slingbox are dirtballs. Obviously, they are totally not on the ball regarding a Mac software client. However, if you look on the side of the product box, there they are – the OSX and Universal logos. This is false advertising…I’m reporting them to the Better Business Buereau, as well as informing Apple.

    I’d advise all of you here to do the same.

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