Sling Recruiting Mac Beta Testers

Dave Zatz —  July 11, 2006

Got a Slingbox? Got a Mac? Time to sign up for beta testing!

Sling Media VP Jeremy Toeman says: The application will be live for the next 2 weeks, after which we will close it down, pick out our crew, and get rolling. The program will last a few months, so please make sure you have some time to commit. During the beta we’ll have some short exercises and surveys for you to fill out along the way. Finally, you must be able to sign an NDA/non-compete with the company in order to be part of the private beta pool.

If you need a Slingbox, they’re on sale for $157 at Amazon and for $150 at Dell — both are offering free shipping.

One response to Sling Recruiting Mac Beta Testers

  1. Steven Austin July 23, 2006 at 6:36 pm

    Have been using Sling for over a year now at our Computer Shop and, Well we have switched to using Mac’s for our Shop Machines. The one tool that we are missing is the Sling player for mac.. We would love to Beta Test the new Sling for Mac…

    Steve Austin
    Computer FX, Inc.
    Orange Park, Florida 32065