Ecobee To Expand Smart Home Capabilities With Video Camera

ecobee intends to round out their smart home lineup with an indoor camera. While details are light, given Amazon investment and the existing product line, we can assume the ecobee camera will feature Alexa integration … if not outright control via its own mic, as those amber lights pictured in the company render up top … Read more

Roku Gets An Alexa Skill. Hopefully Better Than Google.

My Twitter followers likely encountered some snark in regards to Roku’s initial Google Assistant integration — with the two primary complaints being that I could only link up a single Roku device, despite a household of several, and Google’s frequent target device confusion, given the nonsensical responses that I don’t posses a Chromecast. TRYING to control Roku … Read more

IKEA Smart Shades Are Here (with Alexa and Apple HomeKit!)

Ikea Smartshades are here! Well “here” as in some European stores with broader availability expected February 2nd — hopefully that includes the US, although prior reports indicated our availability would come later in the spring. In any event, we now know sizes, prices, and mechanics. There are two lines of grey Ikea smart shades, one … Read more

Sonos Preps Cheaper, Smaller Speaker?

As discovered by Variety (and yours truly) Sonos is prepping a new speaker. The paperwork has it labeled as S18 and RM016 — but those designations don’t really mean anything as it’ll surely carry a more natural name like Beam or One (unlike the horror that is Vizio audio naming conventions). And, speaking of the … Read more

Wyze Moves Beyond The Cam With Motion & Door Sensors

Wyze, the company known for surprisingly robust smart cams with generous cloud services in relation to its inexpensive pricing (starting at $25, no fees!), is extending their reach into our smart homes … by soon fleshing out the product lineup with motion and contact sensors that communicate via what looks to be a tiny USB-powered … Read more

Amazon Echo Auto Now Shipping!

Tipster Susan H shouldn’t have been doubted… as a small number of lucky folks did indeed receive Echo Auto invites. And orders have started arriving! Not much yet in the way of commentary, but Tod Kuntzelman has posted some nice pictures while we await more well-formed initial thoughts, including the requisite Roav Viva comparisons — given experiences … Read more

Hands On Amazon Echo Clock

48 hours after going live, the $30 Amazon Echo Clock has begun arriving in homes… including redditor kaotsu, who has posted his first impressions of the Alexa accessory, and our very own Adam Miarka who shot a hands on video. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the clock pairs to a single Echo device, over Bluetooth, … Read more

Amazon Echo Auto Invites Are Here

While it had appeared that Echo Auto might have been delayed until 2019, possibly in relation to upcoming location services and new auto skills, golden tickets may have started going out … as ZNF tipster Susan H has reported receiving one. And Amazon is certainly adding fuel to the fire that the flood gates are about to open, having … Read more