AllVid Alliance Formed; TiVo & Google On Board

The AllVid battle lines between the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) are being drawn. AllVid is a possible replacement for and enhancement of CableCARD technology being discussed by the FCC and now a group of companies from the electronics industry that have formed the “AllVid Tech Company Alliance.” … Read more

Sonos Controller for Android Slated For March

My favorite home music server is getting better. Today Sonos released this teaser video showing off their new Android Controller (much like their very popular iOS Controller) for the Sonos music system. Like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps this one will be free. According to the Sonos Twitter feed, the Android app will be available … Read more

Wall Mount an iPad with Vidabox Frame

The iPad makes an ideal touch-screen interface for a high-end custom home theater room, home automation setup, or home security system. Yet for many of these applications there’s a need for a wall mount solution so it fits in aesthetically and with a good way to power the device. Vidabox, LLC, a well-known media server … Read more

The Sony IFC-CL75IP, A Gadget Lovers Clock Radio

A year ago I was on the hunt for a new clock radio with an iPhone/iPod dock built-in. One would think finding such a device would make for a pretty simple shopping trip right? Well there are now several options out there to choose from and while I started with pretty simple needs here, my … Read more

10″ Kodak Pulse WiFi Digital Frame Review

Can something as geeky as a digital photo frame work for the technophobe? Might it actually be possible for mom and dad or even grandma & grandpa to survive with a digital photo frame? Up until now I’d have answered no, but I have in my possession something that just might be the solution – … Read more

Uncover AV File Details with MediaInfo

If you spend much time manipulating multimedia on say a HTPC, creating videos or ripping DVDs, there will come a time when you need to dig deeper into specific file composition to understand more about it. My favorite tool for this sort of job is the free, MediaInfo. I’m currently transcoding a number of HD … Read more

PogoPlug Pro: More Storage, Less Pink

Cloud Engines, Inc, has unveiled the new PogoPlug Pro ($99), their latest version of the multimedia sharing device. Pogoplug allows users to easily and securely access, share and stream their media content from anywhere without uploading.  The Pogoplug device provides a way to connect your external USB drives and other devices to your network and … Read more

Sonos iPad Controller App Now Available

Early this summer, Sonos announced they’d expand upon their success with the iOS Sonos Controller by bring the experience to the Apple iPad.  Now, the free Sonos iPad Controller app is ready and I was lucky enough to give the new app a quick try this morning with my Sonos System. The updated Sonos Controller … Read more