PogoPlug Pro: More Storage, Less Pink

Cloud Engines, Inc, has unveiled the new PogoPlug Pro ($99), their latest version of the multimedia sharing device.

Pogoplug allows users to easily and securely access, share and stream their media content from anywhere without uploading.  The Pogoplug device provides a way to connect your external USB drives and other devices to your network and then access content on those devices over the web.  They also provide apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Palm as well.

This hardware refresh provides users of the new Pogoplug Pro all features of the earlier generation Pogoplugs, plus the ability to connect up to four USB drives and print from any mobile device. The Pro also adds built-in wireless connectivity along with a nice, new non-pink enclosure.

I use one of the first generation Pogoplugs along with a few hard drives that no longer “fit” in my HTPC server.  It’s a great solution for my use that just works.

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3 thoughts on “PogoPlug Pro: More Storage, Less Pink”

  1. I wish these guys would get their product cycles in sync with the customer more.

    They had a pink model, and then released a wifi dongle a couple months ago.

    Then, offered a black model for “business only”,

    Now offer a Black model, WITH included wifi for comsumers.

    I would be bummed had I bought the pink model, then added a wifi dongle for 30$ (plus about 13$ their lowest shipping), only to find the whole solution now, for less, in black, a few months later.

    I know, of COURSE technology dev and releases move fast, but not so much for hardware.

  2. I’ve seen the pink one half off a few times in the last few weeks. Not sure if they’re closing it out and this is a replacement, or they will ship multiple SKUs. Related, at the moment this looks like a Best Buy exclusive…?

  3. Interesting. Could I just connect 4 external HDDs and use this for strictly for NAS purposes? Probably, would be cheaper to get a NAS box, but just curious.

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