Beyond Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen, TiVo and Snapstream Media. One of those three is well known for tracking television viewership, but the other two: TiVo and Snapstream Media (makers of the Beyond TV PC DVR software) are not as well known in this realm, but offer a more transparent and relatively useful snapshot of what Television Viewers like you and I are watching. Would you agree that Heroes and The Office are hit shows – at least better than Dancing with the Stars or 60 Minutes? Well you’d likely agree more with TiVo and Beyond TV users.

Since the early 1940’s the television and advertising industries have relied on Nielsen Media Research to measure the popularity and success of television programming. Nielsen continues to be the leading provider of this information and their list of the top TV shows by demographic are consistently highlighted in the media and watched closely by Advertisers and the Television Networks. While I’m still interested in what Nielsen is reporting as the top shows, I’m left wanting more.

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37 Flickr Upload Tools: Windows, Mac & Linux

Flickr announced a partnership with Microsoft enabling direct Flickr uploads via Windows Live Photo Gallery. This is yet another excellent way to get your photos to Flickr. But don’t stop there, because there are currently 37 different ways to upload pictures to Flickr using Windows, a Mac, Linux or even your mobile phone. I’ll give … Read more

Star Wars, the Television Series

George Lucas confirmed he is working on a live-action television series spinoff of the Star Wars Movie Franchise. It won’t include any of the major characters from the movies – no Luke Skywalker and no Darth Vader. From the interview with Lucas: “The Skywalkers aren’t in it, and it’s about minor characters,” Lucas said in … Read more

The Ultimate Collection of Zooomr Tools Hacks and Scripts

Zooomr is a newer, high-octane, social, photo sharing alternative to Flickr, Smugmug and Picasa Web Albums. While the API for Zooomr hasn’t yet been released (Please hurry Zooomr Guys) there are still a good number of tools, hacks and scripts available to Zooomr users. For the complete list read on: Screen-shot from Thomas Hawk’s Zooomr … Read more