Wall Mount an iPad with Vidabox Frame


The iPad makes an ideal touch-screen interface for a high-end custom home theater room, home automation setup, or home security system. Yet for many of these applications there’s a need for a wall mount solution so it fits in aesthetically and with a good way to power the device. Vidabox, LLC, a well-known media server and integrated control systems company offers an elegant solution to meet this need with their new VidaBox iPad mount ($159) and iPower charging station.

I have the florentine silver iPad Mounting Frame in my home to check out. And it’s made from excellent quality materials that will look stunning in your high-tech home. The frame allows you to semi-permanently mount your iPad onto a wall and transform your iPad into a seamless home automation touch-screen.

Installation was very easy. The frame is delivered assembled. You detach the top of the frame by unscrewing the two hinges. Slide the iPad into the frame and then connect the iPad cable through the rear cutout of the frame. Ideally you’ll likely want the iPower add-on available separately from Vidabox.

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1 thought on “Wall Mount an iPad with Vidabox Frame”

  1. Looks sharp! And there’s surely a need for this sort of solution that includes power. But there’s plenty of less permanent and more economical options.

    Related, I’ve been pleased with the various stands and mounts out there. But I haven’t been able to find a case I like yet. Which is probably OK since “my” iPad is a loaner and v2 may have slightly different dimensions…

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