10″ Kodak Pulse WiFi Digital Frame Review

Can something as geeky as a digital photo frame work for the technophobe? Might it actually be possible for mom and dad or even grandma & grandpa to survive with a digital photo frame? Up until now I’d have answered no, but I have in my possession something that just might be the solution – the ideal geeky, yet easy-enough-for-mom-to-use digital photo frame!

The 10″ Kodak Pulse (~$175) is amazingly simple to operate, has a excellent options for getting photos onto the frame with it’s own e-mail address and Facebook photo integration (among others) – plus the touchscreen UI for managing photos and the slideshow is ideal. If you’re looking for the perfect off-the-shelf digital photo frame that is easy enough for the folks to use – look no more. The Kodak Pulse is one of the best gadgets you can buy – I’m sold on this digital photo frame and plan to gift it to a lucky family member.

Read on for my take on the 10” Kodak Pulse which is basically just a larger version of last years 7 inch digital photo frame. Read the rest of this entry »